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EastEnders Graham’s future ‘sealed’ – murder, Freddie shock twist and Little Mo return

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EastEnders fans were recently reintroduced to Graham Foster 18 years after he was sent to prison for raping Little Mo and they have been speculating what is next for the villain

Graham Foster, an EastEnders villain, returned to the show on Wednesday (August 2) after an 18-year absence.

Graham, played by Alex McSweeney, was last seen on television in January 2005, when he was sentenced to prison for raping Queen Vic bartender Maureen ‘Little Mo’ Mitchell, played by Kacey Ainsworth, from 2000 to 2006.

Little Mo’s kid, Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier), who was created as a result of the assault, reunited with his absent father and expressed a desire for a relationship with him.

In heartbreaking events, Freddie realized the truth about his conception and burst into tears in his room before deleting Graham’s phone number.

Despite the teenager’s apparent break with his father, fans are confident that this is not the last time they will see Graham.

Christmas murder victim

Since the serial broadcast a special episode in February stating that one character would die during the holiday season, viewers have speculated on who it could be.

With Graham’s reappearance, viewers believe they have solved the mystery.

“I wonder if in some twist to the story Graham Foster might become the person killed at Christmas and perhaps it’s Little Mo?” one person speculated online. We’re led to believe it’s someone in the video, but that may not be the case.”

Another Reddit user commented on Graham’s return, saying, “Eastenders are really teasing us this year with an endless list of possible victims at Christmas.” It’s incredible.”

“Graham is body at Christmas #EastEnders,” a third user declared.

Little Mo return

The possibility of Little Mo returning has been a major topic of discussion among fans as they have watched the dramatic scenes develop.

Fans clearly want the beloved figure to return and reunite with her family, with one writing, “Little Mo needs to come back like NOW.”

“Mo is obviously a good Mum Freddie will need her and any good Mum would be there Hope this means Little Mo is finally returning,” a second concurred.

“Bobby Brazier has been brilliant this week,” said another. Freddie is such a wonderful little soul, my heart hurt for him these last few episodes – I’m hoping we get Little Mo back at some time because the two of them together would be amazing.”

“Do you think it’s time for Little Mo to return, @kaceyainsworth?” Bobby was fantastic tonight,” said a fourth.

Someone more said, “This ending gosh kind of broke me, for the sake of Freddie come on man bring back little mo as soon as possible.” I mean, really…. Oh my days, what does it take for that actress to return?”

During an appearance on Loose Women in February, the BBC soap’s executive producer Chris Clenshaw confirmed that the character could return.

“Freddie is in the show, so there’s every chance that Little Mo will pop back to Walford,” he informed the panel.

Freddie sinister twist

While Freddie has learned the truth about his father, some fans believe Graham still has the capacity to turn the adolescent against his family.

“I fear the evil Graham will manipulate Freddy into believing him,” one fan predicted.

“Graham is going to twist the truth to Freddie, and Freddie will turn against his mother and the rest of the family,” a second concurred.

“FREDDIE, GET AWAY FROM GRAHAM, HE’S A MONSTER – you’re in danger, he’ll destroy your life like he did to Mo,” a third yelled.

“Graham hasn’t changed then, twisting the truth AND trying to lay the groundwork with Freddie to say that little Mo is a liar,” another said.

Permanent comeback

After Freddie deleted Graham’s number, it appeared that was the end of the character as he was now cut out of his son’s life for good.

But viewers are convinced they haven’t seen the back of Graham and believe he will likely make his way back to Walford in upcoming scenes.

One person speculated: “I doubt this is the end of Freddie’s story with Graham. I think one of those Foster sisters will show up”.

“Ugh. Rapist Graham will come back to Walford when he doesn’t hear from Freddie I bet…,” theorised a second.

Another penned: “Do you guys think Graham will be making another return? I have a feeling this isnt the last we will be seeing of him”.

As a fourth hypothesized: “Do wonder if this is the last we have seen of Graham?”

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