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EastEnders icon Mick Carter ruined as Janine exposes truth about baby Annie?

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EASTENDERS landlord Mick Carter’s reputation could soon be in turmoil as Janine Butcher exposes the truth about Linda Carter’s affair with Max Branning and who baby Annie’s father really is.

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) of EastEnders has just taken in Walford’s loudmouth Janine Butcher (Charlie Brookes) after she became homeless shortly before Christmas. Janine and Mick have gotten close while Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) is away with their new born baby Annie, and they’ve even had some banter beneath the mistletoe.

Janine, on the other hand, mistook Mick for someone else and tried to seduce him, so he turned her down and tossed her out of The Vic. Will Janine be able to exact her vengeance by revealing the truth about Baby Annie’s biological father?

During Monday night’s episode, Mick walked into Janine naked in his bed and asked: “What on earth are you doing?”

Feeling flirty, Janine told him: “Most men would be delighted to find a naked woman in their bed!”

However, he wasn’t impressed with her response and fired back: “Well, I’m not most men, so….”

From downstairs, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) could be heard telling Mick to hurry up as the pub started to get busy with punters.

“I was willing to take the mistletoe thing, you know, it was a bit of banter,” Mick said as he shut the door and told Janine, “but this, this is craziness!”

“I thought this was what you wanted!” Janine exclaimed as she drew the covers closer to her face, embarrassed.

“Well, you’re wrong because I’m married, and I love my wife!” Mick firmly told Janine, enraged and ashamed.

Mick walked out of the room, leaving Janine red-faced, not wanting to look at her any longer. “Don’t humiliate yourself, Janine,” he muttered.

Mick returned upstairs after leaving Janine to gather herself and get dressed, telling her she was needed downstairs to assist with the punters.

“Talk about leading a girl on,” she said as she followed Mick into the kitchen, to which Mick retorted, “No, no, that’s not true!”

“Stop it, Janine, I’m with Linda, I love Linda!” however, Janine wouldn’t let it slide and continued: “Well, where is she then?

“If you love her so much, you’ve got a beautiful new daughter, and you didn’t even spend Christmas with them you spent it with me!

“I’m sorry, but you can say all you want about how much you love Linda, but your actions don’t match your words.”

“And don’t think I haven’t noticed, Nancy does all the video chatting with little Ollie, aren’t you?”

Mick, feeling trapped and unable to tell Janine the truth, informed her, “My marriage is none of your business.”

Janine continued to press: “What could have happened to make you want to avoid your wife and your new born baby?

“Annie isn’t yours, is she?” says the narrator. “She’s Max’s,” says the narrator.

“I don’t want you in my gaff anymore, I don’t want you in my pub,” Mick said Janine as she figured out the truth.

“My mother was absolutely correct.” Before storming downstairs, he said, “I should never have allowed you stay here in the first place; I want you gone now!”

When Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) returned from a date with Zack Hudson (James Farrar), Mick told her that he was going to go fetch Linda and Annie and bring them home.

“Yeah, so you can stay till they get home, but we will need the space because I need my L back here with me behind this bar where she belongs.”

Will Janine be able to let their little mishap go or will she get her revenge and expose the truth about baby Annie and ruin Mick?

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