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EastEnders spoilers: After his Nazi son Aaron is arrested, Harvey Monroe makes a shocking decision.

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AFTER desperately trying to get his son Aaron on the right track, Harvey Monroe turned him in to the police.

Now the father-of-two is making a plan to leave Walford behind alongside his daughter Dana.

Aaron’s (Charlie Wernham) participation in a far-right gang that has produced upheaval and fear in the borough for several months has rocked the Monroe family.

In December 2021, the group was responsible for the savage assault on Keegan Butcher-Baker, and they have even assaulted Callum and Ash in a horrific homophobic attack.

Harvey (Ross Boatman) was troubled to discover his true colors after keeping silent about his son’s conduct at first, only attempting to steer him away from the radical gang.

Aaron had planned to detonate a bomb in The Albert on New Year’s Eve to wreak additional havoc, but his plan failed.

He stated that if his sister had not been present, he would have triggered.

Harvey made the difficult decision to report his own son to the police after noticing Aaron was too far gone and wanted to lead a section of the gang to Manchester with Dana tagging along.

Harvey chooses to give himself and Dana (Barbara Smith) a fresh start by moving out of Albert Square and forgetting about his son’s horrible deeds in an upcoming episode of EastEnders, which will air next week on BBC One.

He tells Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) that the two of them need to go and lies about his mother’s illness.

Harvey subsequently tells Dana that their landlord is also a police officer and could evict them if he finds out about their connection with Aaron.

Dana, on the other hand, does not want to leave, despite Harvey’s decision, which he made because he was too shaken by recent events and determined to keep what was remained of his family safe.

During an episode of EastEnders that aired last week, Aaron was also the reason for Dana and Bobby Beale’s recent breakup.

When Bobby became suspicious of his ties to the far-right gang, Aaron played mind tricks with Dana, telling her that Bobby was simply trying to isolate her from her family and force her to convert to Christianity.

Dana will phone Peter Beale next week and tell him she is too sick to work.

She will confess a significant secret while talking to Mila and Kioni, believing she has hung up the phone… with Peter listening in.

What will he hear?

Are Harvey and Dana truly unsafe in Albert Square?

Will Dana be able to reason with Harvey and stay in Walford?

Dana will not want to leave Walford due to her connection with Bobby Beale

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