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EastEnders spoilers: Aidan O’Callaghan reveals if Lewis Butler will return after Ben Mitchell lets him live

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Sam (Kim Medcalf), who was trying to make things right with Phil (Steve McFadden) after learning that she had drug dealers in Peggy’s, kidnapped the bar manager earlier this week.

When the rapist was able to escape his limits and escape with their pistol, things became a little sticky for Phil, who was horrified to find that his sister had abducted Lewis.

The situation changed, though, when Phil regained control and threatened to shoot Lewis while pointing the revolver at him. Ben, however, determined that he should be the one to shoot Lewis after receiving a tip from Zack Hudson (James Farrar).

Ben forced Lewis to retell what happened the day he raped him, and after some hesitation, Lewis eventually confessed during the heated standoff that followed. Ben, in contrast to Lewis’ allegations, let him go, demonstrating that he is not at all like him.

Lewis vanished shortly after, and Ben ultimately decided to call the police to report his experience with being raped.
So what comes next? Has Lewis left us forever? after the stressful BBC One soap opera episode from last Wednesday (August 17), we spoke with actor Aidan O’Callaghan to talk about all of this and more.

Ben took the gun from Sam and pointed it at Lewis – did Lewis think that Ben was going to pull the trigger? 

It’s really strange because I kept returning to this sense of humiliation as I was getting my head straight with Lewis. The sensation of shame is uncomfortable for many people. Lewis doesn’t want to feel embarrassed about his exposed state. He is becoming defensive, hostile, and trying to blame Ben for his feelings by acting out of character.

Ben’s shortcomings as the Walford Attacker are being highlighted by him. Lewis eventually lets the shame consume him; what does it say about him as a person, having brought on this anguish in Ben? Ben makes Lewis feel ashamed and realize what he has done by holding him at gunpoint, so it’s excellent to examine that in terms of what Ben does.

What does Lewis as a person get out of this? He’s done it before, right? He is drowning and panicking in his thoughts, and that puts him in a vulnerable position, which he finds unsettling.

He pushes that aside as the episode progresses, returning to his defensive posture and persuading himself that he is not at fault.

The showdown between Ben and Lewis is such a powerful one, as Lewis finally admits what he did. What were those scenes with Max like, and were they tough to actually film?

I was confident we’d discover those magical moments because Max and I had such a terrific working relationship. You don’t want to overplan things; you want the magic to emerge naturally. I believed that we did. The filmmaker truly gave us the room we needed to feel that way. Although challenging, it was also quite rewarding.

Was Lewis surprised with the outcome – that Ben let him live?

Lewis undergoes a significant transformation as a result of the last episode, in which he was fuming at Phil and beginning to feel embarrassed. Given that he was exposed in front of everyone and that his defensiveness is returning, there is a chance that he will accept his fate given that the gun is pointed at his head. Lewis occasionally has the following thoughts in his head: “You know what? Ben won’t shoot me, I assure you. Ben’s dread is visible in his eyes, and that came about spontaneously as a response to the event. However, he believes that is it when he hears the gunfire. Then, during a scene involving Ben and Lewis, Lewis comes to the realization that the story is not over.

The big question! Have seen the last of Lewis? 

I mean, I’ve never seen the scripts! We’ll simply have to wait to see whether I get the call since I’m still keeping my phone on. Could this be Lewis’s last appearance before his death? Doing the court case, in my opinion, would be fascinating. Maintain your awareness of the feelings that real survivors experience as well as the challenging issues that arise in court cases involving similar circumstances. The only thing left to do is wait and see whether my phone calls.

Do you hope Lewis gets his comeuppance and pays for what he’s done?

Absolutely. Although it only persisted for a moment, seeing Lewis experience that guilt must have been pleasant for the watchers. I believe Lewis could feel ashamed as a result of the legal dispute. Lewis would have the opportunity to consider his actions and the suffering he has caused as a result of the court case and a sentencing.

This is such an important stoyline to be a part of – are you glad that EastEnders is raising awareness and telling this story that needs to be told? 

Absolutely. I was like, “I need to totally nail this part, and keep to myself,” on the first day the plot was revealed. But Duncan from Survivors Manchester and I routinely met.

I was like, “I’m a little hesitant about getting involved, it’s such a sensitive position, I should kind of pipe down,” when I first spoke to him. But he told me, “You should be proud. People will remember this plot for years. Make use of all the platforms you can to participate and spread awareness. Already, there is a rise in the number of persons asking for assistance. I participated in the 10k run and helped raise money for that cause. I also visited a walk-in clinic to speak with survivors,

They said, “Thank you very much!” after that. “Oh my god, I’m the bad guy,” I exclaimed. They claimed that it was promoting sexual consent knowledge and starting talks.

It is narrating their tale. The story we are telling is their story, not mine or Max’s. I believe that everyone should be commended for raising awareness in this way.

Lewis was received really well by fans when he first debuted, but that was before the nature of the storyline was revealed. Did you know from the beginning that this is the direction the story would take?

Yes, I was aware of this direction from the very beginning of the audition process. I received reassurance that funding would come from numerous organizations, including BBC.

If I could have prolonged Lewis’s response, it would have been amazing because it was so gratifying to see. For that dramatic journey to be successful, people must identify with Ben’s character and relationship. It could have gone on a little longer, but the drama was about to start.

What’s next for you? Have you anything else you’re working on?

The Reckoning of Erin Morrigan, a feature film, is being filmed here in Yorkshire. It’s about a soldier, thus Lewis’ outfit is considerably different! no earring

Lewis wore earring magnets. Since I don’t truly have a piercing, the earrings kept falling out and dropping to the ground. So this character can’t wear earrings! [laughs].

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