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EastEnders spoilers: Aidan O’Callaghan reveals ‘panicked’ Lewis does everything he can to ‘avoid being shot’

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As fans are aware, the former bar manager raped Ben (Max Bowden) earlier this year in gruesome circumstances and then departed the Square.

Meanwhile, Sam (Kim Medcalf) is determined to make amends with Phil after her choice to sell drugs at Peggy’s resulted in Ben almost passing out from an overdose. Sam believed that the only way to achieve this was to find Ben’s rapist.
Zack Hudson (James Farrar) successfully arrested Lewis, who was then given to Sam, who excitedly told Phil about her scheme. Phil, though, was surprised because he had promised Ben that he wouldn’t get involved.

However, things really changed when Lewis managed to flee.

aptivity and stole Phil’s weapon before holding both Phil and Sam hostage. Out of choices, Phil forced the rapist to the ground, pummeled him mercilessly, and then raised a revolver to his head.

Regarding the dramatic scenes, actor Aidan O’Callaghan said, “Lewis is totally panicking.” His skull is “seeping with adrenaline.” He wants that firearm away from him. Lewis is pleading and doing everything he can to get out of that position while Phil is frightening him and is standing on top of him.

He is exerting every effort to evade getting shot. He’s really freaking out because he’s never been in this circumstance before!

Aidan told us that he was “delighted” to learn the storyline would unfold in this way. It has been a very emotional week for the BBC One soap, with many twists and turns along the road.

He exclaimed, “It was such a flurry of feelings!” I remember thinking when I initially heard about the tale, “Man, this is really thrilling! working with characters from a show that is so well-known.

You experience a range of feelings, including joy over working with Steve McFadden, Max Bowden, and Kim Medcalf and probable grief over whether this is the final episode or week.

Being able to access such heightened emotions as an actor is quite satisfying, especially when the writing is so intriguing. It’s been wonderful.

Ben showed up to stop his dad from killing Lewis in the most recent episode of the serial drama, only to then declare that he would carry out the murder himself.

Does he intend to follow through? Lewis, will you die? All you have to do is watch to find out.

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