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EastEnders spoilers: Janine crash secret exposed, Stuart’s huge decision, Amy’s life in danger

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Vicky Entwhistle, a former cast member of Corrie, announced this week that she intends to write a tell-all book about the soap’s secrets after growing disenchanted with the playing business.

The actress, best known for playing obnoxious Janice Battersby in the television series Corrie, left the show in 2010 following a series of arguments with the producers. This week, she announced she was quitting acting entirely, blaming the “lack of respect” she had during auditions.

Before asking her former co-stars Denise Welch and Gaynor Faye for assistance, she tweeted: “Thinking of writing my memoirs,” adding: “Any moments I’ve missed will be much welcomed.”

Given that they have endured multiple scandals in recent years, the revelation might leave Corrie executives shaking in their boots.

We expose the real-life events that have roiled the cobbles, from terminations due to sex-related allegations and a “rape rap” to fake abuse allegations.

Bill Roache – historic abuse claims

Ken Barlow has been portrayed by veteran actor Bill Roache since the first episode aired in December 1960.

He was shocked, however, to learn in 2013 that he had been charged with assaulting five ladies between 1965 and 1971 who were all under the age of 16.

The 90-year-old actor was cleared of the accusations in February 2014, but the ordeal of the trial affected him.

He made the following statement outside Preston Crown Court: “In these circumstances, there are no winners… we should be much gentler to ourselves.”

The color appeared to drain from everything as the accusations were read, and there was a sort of mist about us, Bill wrote in his 2018 memoir, Life and Soul, describing his dawn raid arrest.

He claims he is not angry, despite the fact that the untrue accusations led to his five-month suspension from the serial opera.

“I don’t have any grudges. We must be merciful since doing so frees us, he wrote.

Michael Le Vell – child abuse claims

Michael Le Vell, like Bill, was the subject of allegations of child abuse in 2011.

The actor, who portrays mechanic Kevin Webster, was accused of 12 counts of child rape and other sex offenses.

During the trial, Michael took a leave of absence from the soap, and ITV declared he would not be appearing “waiting the result of legal procedures.”

A jury returned a not-guilty verdict for him two years later. He told reporters after the verdict that it lifted “a great weight off everyone’s shoulders.”

Michael admitted throughout the trial that he had struggled with alcoholism. He also admitted to ITV executives that he had used cocaine twice in 2013 while he dealt with the court issue.

After a brief pause, he returned to the show, but after spending £200,000 on legal bills, he was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Chris Fountain – rape rap

Pin-up from Hollyoaks As Tommy Duckworth, the son of Terry and Lisa Duckworth, Chris joined the cast in 2011.

But once a strange video of him rapping about rape, using syringes to stab people in the face, and bombing homes surfaced two years later, he was sacked.

The soap star dyed the air blue while rapping that he would “f* anybody up in the worst way, rape a b*h on her birthday” while wearing a scary Halloween mask.

In a recent podcast, Mancs on the Mic, the actor said he had been in “some very dark, horrible places, to the point where I realized I needed to start changing the way that I was thinking – otherwise I might not have been here.” The actor later admitted he was “really ashamed” of the disgusting video.

The 34-year-old said: “My life, my career, my appearance, and my reputation – everything was suddenly torn away. I was left with despair and social anxiety. within a day. I spent four days inside my home alone.

Katie Redford – lied to bag role

In 2015, when casting Bethany Platt, Sarah’s troubled 14-year-old daughter, the decision was made to cast actress Katie Redford.

But when they found out Katie had lied and was actually 25 instead of 19, they were taken aback.

For the lie, she was fired, and Lucy Fallon, then 19 years old, took her place.

Kym Marsh – sex tape saga

In 2016, when it became known that an explicit video of Kym Marsh engaging in a sex act could be made public, she was left in shock.

A sex film of the Corrie actress with another man was offered to The Sun on Sunday for £30,000; however, they turned it down. They also saw images of the actress in scantily clad and provocative positions.

After learning about the attempted sale, the 46-year-old told OK! Magazine that she felt “sick” and that it was “devastating” for her family.

“This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life,” she continued, “and I won’t stop until the person is found.”

As a result of rumors of a five-month relationship with Dr. Mark Carter’s co-star Oliver Mellor from the television series Cobbles, the actress was also involved in a cheating controversy.

The alleged liaison allegedly occurred soon after her 2012 wedding to second husband Jamie Lomas.
“We were not hesitant to express our affection for one another. We didn’t mean for it to happen, but we were unable to control our emotions, Oliver said to the Mirror in 2014.
After five months, Kym called off the relationship, and she and Jamie divorced in 2014.

Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas – toxic split

During their six-year relationship, Ryan Thomas and Tina O’Brien, who have a 13-year-old daughter named Scarlett, were the soap opera’s ideal pair.

However, things took a bad turn when Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt, who play the couple, separated up in 2009, one month before their daughter’s first birthday.

According to Tina, he declared that he no longer loved her. He claimed I stopped doing it for him. That was what he said. During their six-year relationship, Ryan Thomas and Tina O’Brien, who have a 13-year-old daughter named Scarlett, were the soap opera’s ideal pair.

However, things took a bad turn when Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt, who play the couple, separated up in 2009, one month before their daughter’s first birthday.

“I was devastated beyond belief. He claimed that having a relationship with me would be too demanding.

Additionally, Tina claimed Ryan had convinced her not to go back to the cobbles, claiming he “didn’t want the trouble” of having to work with her now that he had abandoned her.

She returned to the show in 2015 after a six-year absence, and Ryan left the following year to unexpectedly join Neighbours in Australia.

Despite some cordial times during the separation, everything came to a head in March when Ryan accused his ex-girlfriend of damaging his Range Rover after a late-night argument.

The 38-year-old apparently used a baseball bat to destroy Ryan’s Range Rover’s wing mirror around 1 in the morning in London, incurring £1,000 in damage.

A source close to Ryan stated the alleged event “seems to have shattered the frail thread their relationship was hanging by” in a statement to The Sun on Sunday.

Roman, their two-year-old son, and their unborn second child are shared by Ryan and TOWIE actress Lucy Mecklenburgh. Adam Croft, with whom she has a seven-year-old son named Beau, is Tina’s husband.

Bruno Langley – sexual assault shame

Bruno Langley was fired in October 2017 as a result of allegations of sexual assault at a Manchester nightclub.
On a night out with Corrie co-stars, the celebrity entered a guilty plea to sexually abusing two women in the club.
Langley reportedly sobbed in the dock as he was given a curfew and five years of signing the sex offenders’ registry.
As his attorney stated in court: “Something happened that night, probably related to the character he was playing,” the actor blamed the pressures of his career.
Later, he apologized tearfully, admitting “my behavior was startling.”

He told the Sunday Mirror, “I have no justification, no one pushed me to drink to such an excess, but it is hard to explain why I would do anything as awful as that.

“I feel bad for myself because I know how terrible it must have been for those women. Really, I’m sorry. I’m sorry honestly… I swear I won’t ever act in such a way again.”

Marc Anwar – Race row

The Pakistan-born actor, who made his cobbles debut in 2014 as billionaire Sharif Nazir, was fired from the series immediately after posting a venomous racial tirade online in 2016.

He referred to Indians as “ps-drinking c*s” in a string of tweets.

Days after 17 soldiers were slain at an army base in Kashmir, which led to a conflict between India and Pakistan at the UN, he made these comments.

Why do Pakistani artists want to work in India, he wrote, “Do you love money so much?”

“Ban #India movies in #PakistanisLeaveIndia,” he tweeted after posting a picture of a clinched fist. B*ds consume #cts while piing.

Later, he deleted his Twitter account after receiving criticism from organizations for “throwing gasoline to a fire.”

Simon Gregson – Drunken antics

At a co-farewell star’s party, fan favorite Simon, who plays joker Steve McDonald, got into trouble for dancing topless on the tables and yelling “f*** you” at the bouncer.

After having a wild time at the send-off party for Alexandra Mardell, who played his on-screen daughter Emma, the actor was asked to leave the location in April.

He was the heart and spirit of the party, but he went a little too far, which eventually irritated the bouncers and bar workers, a witness told The Sun.

Simon was acting very outrageously, but more in the sense that he was in a good mood and getting carried away, according to another.After a day at the races, the 47-year-old was questioned by police a few days later and received a “stark warning” about his behavior from ITV executives.

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