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Ellie Goulding on her ‘crippling’ condition – ‘I’ve struggled

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WITH THE return of morning entertainment show The Big Breakfast on Channel 4, singer Ellie Goulding is dropping by to talk about her hugely successful career. Last year the 35-year-old singer opened up about a health condition that developed shortly after she shot to fame in her 20s.

In a 2021 interview, the singer-songwriter, who has had hits with Love Me Like You Do and Burn, said that when she first entered the music industry, she would frequently feel “ridiculously low” due to her struggles with her mental health. She subsequently went on to write the book Fitter. Calmer. In the song Stronger, she discussed both her struggles with mental health and how she started working out to better manage her emotions. Goulding admitted in the book: “My bad days used to be unbelievably bad. I just wasn’t able to escape them. I frequently felt like a failure because I wasn’t working while I was depressed.

“My mysterious, erratic, fiery friend for life will always be my voice, music, and writing.

“However, even when I create content I adore, I can’t always count on it to make me feel happy. I frequently write my best tunes while I’m depressed.

The vocalist of Your Song eventually experienced panic episodes, which she described as “debilitating,” as a result of her pessimistic mindset.

Soon after starting out gradually, the vocalist started having these unexpected attacks of terror and panic while at work. Recalling a time when she began to fear at a photo shoot and before a love TV show.
More recently, at the beginning of 2022, Goulding reopened the conversation regarding her mental health. In a message on her social media, she explained that the year just gone had both great highs and heartbreaking lows.
On Instagram, she posted a photo of herself with the statement, “I became a mother, the greatest joy I’ve known. I have friends that genuinely love me, a puppy and a cat that adore me, and a husband who adores and supports me constantly.


The hardest year of my life has also been this one. I’ve battled a form of panic that I didn’t even know existed every day, every night, and every hour.

“When I feel there is no way out of the overwhelming worry and dread in my heart and thoughts, sometimes at my most afraid, I remind myself that I can feel.”

Goulding explains that because of her anxiety and panic attacks, the majority of her professional life has been defined by them. She believed it was time to speak up in an effort to soothe others who may be experiencing similar problems.

“I sense that something within of me is damaged. I just wanted to add that it’s not just you or just me because so many others have experienced this, and you may be experiencing it now or in the future. I always have to remind myself of this. Crippled

anxiety-ridden,” she wrote.

She said, “I know so many of you reading this feel this same agony, and yet so many of you won’t have experienced it, but will most likely know someone who has endured.

“For those who are now experiencing this, know that we can get through it together and, most importantly, by communicating. The hardest and finest thing you can do is talk and open up.

Panic attacks, which are an excess of the body’s normal response to danger, stress, or excitement, are a common symptom of anxiety or an anxiety disorder. Physical symptoms might intensify during a panic attack very quickly. These may consist of

Some people only ever have one panic attack, according to Mind, a major mental health organisation in the UK. But some people may discover they experience them frequently or numerous times in a short period of time.

This might be as a result of specific locations, circumstances, or activities that seem to set off panic attacks. For instance, they might take place prior to a trying appointment.Because of this, Mind offers the following advice on how to handle a panic attack. Exercise was used by Goulding to manage her anxiety and panic episodes, but eventually she became overly dependent on it and neglected other facets of her lifestyle, such as eating. The singer explained: “I started eating poorly because I was exercising too much. I would eat poorly and believe I could simply burn off the calories, rather than viewing food as fuel and making good judgments. It was a means of detaching myself from my emotions. The celebrity sought professional assistance after realizing her error and began cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which she credits with helping her turn her life around. She was also able to alter her relationship with

Instead of being a place for her to hide her genuine emotions, exercise and working out turned into a “haven”.

Speak to a qualified Mind advisor if you or someone you know is experiencing mental health issues.

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