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Emma Samms Shares the Devastating Way That She Had to Reintroduce Herself to General Hospital: ‘Think Senior Citizen — and Not a Fit One’

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Emma Samms’ return to General Hospital has been eagerly anticipated by viewers, and in September, we announced that on Wednesday, October 19, she would bring Holly back into the mix. Although the actress has been open about her struggles with COVID, having contracted the virus twice since March of that same year, which was the reason for her delayed daytime return, her fight is far from over. It has been more than two years since her big comeback to the ABC soap in September 2020.

Since returning to the studios last month, Samms has spoken up to People about how challenging it has been to reintegrate into the daily grind of a soap opera set. She informed the creators of

She was unable to stand for an extended period of time without risking falling over, and if she spoke too much, her voice might become harsh. Samms explained, “Basically, think senior citizen and not a fit one. Just keep those ideas in mind when you write for me.

Samms is extremely cautious about every step she makes because she constantly struggles with exhaustion, dyspnea, blood pressure swings, and chronic ear ringing. “When I consider a distance to walk, I consider how I will feel if I do so.

I frequently ask, “Where is the closest hospital?” She said, “To sleep still in a quiet, dark room is the only safe location for me, health-wise.”

She is not alone in feeling this way, as millions of people experience long-lasting COVID symptoms, but Samms considers herself “very happy” that the ABC serial has been “ready to work with” her to bring Holly’s tale back to the forefront. Executive producer Frank Valentini, who granted Samms his own parking space closer to the studio, commented on her performance, saying “You would never know there’s anything wrong with her. She gives it everything she’s got.

Although her spouse traveled to Los Angeles with her and has been a wonderful support, the idea that her health troubles could last a lifetime is upsetting. However, in the overall scheme

Samms said, “Even with Long COVID, life is quite good,” and she expressed gratitude for individuals in her life, particularly her grown children.

Samms continues to receive our best wishes from Soaps.com.

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