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Emmerdale reveals real reason for Charles Anderson’s collapse

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Manpreet owes someone an apology!

The exact cause of Charles Anderson’s demise has been disclosed on Emmerdale.

Beginning the week with the vicar’s daughter Naomi’s arrest on assault charges and Charles being discovered comatose in the church after an argument raised suspicions.

Manpreet claimed Naomi was to blame, despite the fact that she had only heard the disagreement and had not witnessed any actual physical altercation.

Manpreet continued to compare Naomi to her own evil sister Meena in the episode that aired on Tuesday (August 16) while she waited with Ethan.

“Meena, she did a wonderful job of acting. You, me, and everyone else were duped by her, and I won’t allow that to happen again “Manpreet was certain.

Meanwhile, Naomi was unfairly interrogated by PC Finch’s colleague after she was charged with assaulting Charles. Naomi claimed that she had fled the scene because she was certain she would be injured.

When Charles awoke, the truth was finally revealed. Manpreet was informed by the rector that Naomi wasn’t at fault because he had fallen after she had left the church and struck his head.
Manpreet was now forced to apologize to Naomi for accusing Naomi falsely of harming Charles. Manpreet texted Naomi to meet up after Naomi was let go without being charged.
Esme, the mother of Naomi, rebuked Manpreet for trying to use her experiences with Meena as an explanation for her accusatory tone.
You need to get off my case and hope for a miracle if you ever want Charles to forgive you, Naomi told Manpreet after asking her mother for “some space.”

Is Manpreet able to put things right?

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