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Emmerdale spoilers: A character collapses abruptly, raising new concerns about mortality.

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Victor Anderson (Eddie Osei)’s presence in Emmerdale led to a series of eye-opening revelations for the Anderson family.

She unexpectedly arrived from London just as Charles (Kevin Mathurin) was beginning to get used to the notion of having his mother Claudette (Flo Wilson) live with him permanently. When his father Victor was eventually let out of jail, he wasted no time in making his way to the Dales’ most spectacular settlement.

Charles was unhappy, and it didn’t take long for him and Claudette to admit that Charles’ unlawful activities had made their lives miserable. When Charles was a child, the family lived in perpetual fear of what mayhem Victor might wreak next.

Victor had held up a building society with a sawn-off shotgun during the 25 years he had spent in prison. He even got Claudette to attribute blame to Charles, saying that Charles had sealed his fate by refusing to provide an alibi.

Claudette was troubled because she took her marriage vows seriously despite the fact that she knew her husband was trouble and still loved him. Charles was quite disturbed to see Victor regaining Claudette’s affections.

He revealed to Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) that Claudette had once been held captive due to his father’s acts, and he expressed his dread at the thought that Victor might be using Claudette as a tool for his previous manipulative methods.

Victor disclosed that he has a brain aneurysm that will kill him sooner rather than later, adding another layer to the drama. Although he assured his son that he had changed, Charles is still leery of him.

Victor encounters a health emergency in upcoming episodes when he unexpectedly passes out on a chair. Claudette begs Charles to let Victor move in with them so she can take care of him because she is so concerned to see him in such a helpless position.

Charles had previously ruled out doing this, saying that he would pay for his father to remain at the B&B instead of having him stay with him. But while Claudette argues that Victor shouldn’t be left alone given his deteriorating health, Charles caves.

Will he make a decision that he later regrets?

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