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Emmerdale spoilers: As Dan enters a guilty plea, his time is running out.

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On Emmerdale, a tragic storyline is still playing out as Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) deals with the terrible repercussions of committing one violent act, an act that might land him in prison for many years once he enters a guilty plea.

Dan wasted no time in telling Lloyd (Matt Sutton), who had started bothering Amelia (Daisy Campbell), off after watching her social media videos.He went to Lloyd’s store and left a menacing phone message, threatening to kill Lloyd if he spoke to Amelia once more.

Despite these warnings, Lloyd went to the village and approached Amelia in the church, pretending to be apologetic for frightening her and acting improperly.When Dan spotted them hugging as they left the chapel, he confronted Lloyd, who provoked him.

Dan lost his cool and punched Lloyd, causing him to stumble and suffer a head injury. Lloyd was clearly gravely injured despite Jacob’s efforts to provide first aid, and he has been in a coma ever since.

As a result of the threats Dan had made, the fact that he had visited Lloyd in the hospital and spoken to his wife Julie (Emma Stansfield), and the fact that the police had a strong case against him, they charged Dan with GBH.

Dan will appear in upcoming episodes to enter a plea. He is aware that Lloyd’s life is still in danger because Julie has informed Amelia that her husband will never be able to awaken from his coma.

When he looks across at Julie in the courtroom, he is overcome with recollections of what took place the day he hit Lloyd. Dan, a genuinely kind father who was simply attempting to protect his daughter, is crippled by remorse and is left with no choice. Innocent, he says.

Amelia braces herself for Dan to be sentenced, knowing that things could grow worse if Lloyd dies and that it might be years before her father is once again a free man.

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