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Emmerdale spoilers for next week

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What’s next in the village?

In the Emmerdale episodes airing the following week, Belle learns about Chas and Al’s relationship.

Elsewhere Faith’s illness deteriorates more, she passes out at her celebration, and Amelia’s pregnancy is made public.

Here are the 13 key occasions to be on the lookout for.

1. Belle catches Chas and Al kissing

There are more emotional ties between Chas and Al than either one of them wants to admit after another covert excursion to a motel.

They share a passionate kiss as they part ways, not realizing Belle had witnessed everything.

2. Chas tries to convince Belle to stay quiet

The following day, Belle confronts Chas and Al and informs them that she is aware of their extramarital relationship.

Will Chas be able to convince Belle to keep her secret despite the fact that she is horrified at the idea of her telling Paddy?

3. Faith plans a party

When Faith’s palliative care nurse advises her to concentrate on dying without regrets and she shares an emotional moment with Eric about her end-of-life choices, Faith is given cause for reflection.

Faith suffers when out for a country walk with Chas. Chas is upset to witness her decline, but she is subsequently taken aback when Faith declares she wants to throw one last huge celebration.

When Faith begs her to avoid making the same mistakes she has in life, Chas is given a lot to consider.

4. Faith collapses

Cain is hesitant to attend Faith’s celebration because he fears being seen as upset, but Moira persuades him to put Faith’s needs ahead of his own.

While Faith gives a speech in the pub, there is a hint of awkwardness, but as soon as the karaoke starts, everyone seems more at ease.

The celebration gets more lively, but as soon as Faith passes out at the bar, panic sets in.

5. Chas is distressed

At the hospital, Chas vents her annoyance on Paddy, but as soon as the nurse shows up to take them to Faith, they both have more pressing concerns.

Faith claims she can’t see clearly and is puzzled and alarmed. The family is upset since it is clear that Faith’s condition is worsening quickly.

6. Amelia and Noah attend her baby scan

Amelia is thrilled when Noah requests to go to her scan. The couple appears to be having a good time in the hospital.

Following the scan, they are brought closer, and Harriet is surprised to see them sharing a kiss. She subsequently confesses the truth to a horrified Dan.

7. The baby news is out in the open

Sam and Lydia can hear shouting coming from the cemetery and the situation is tense.

Everyone in the hamlet is astonished when Amelia’s pregnancy is made known and more people gather to hear the uproar.

Dan charges towards Noah, assuming he is the father, but Bob has to stop him. Will the true father be revealed?

8. Sandra meddles in Liv’s marriage

When Sandra notices Vinny and Gabby laughing and making jokes, she immediately devises another spiteful plan.

Later, Sandra casts doubt on the impact of Gabby and Vinny’s developing connection by bringing up Liv’s asexuality and how it would cause issues in her marriage.

Sandra is happy when Liv looks to be beginning to have second thoughts about her.

9. Liv is left uneasy by Sandra’s comments

Gabby is shocked when Sandra indicates that Liv and Vinny are having marital issues, and when Sandra offers to speak to Vinny, Gabby unwittingly makes things easier for Sandra.

Liv is shocked when Gabby shows up at Mill Cottage to speak with Vinny. Later, Sandra fuels Liv’s skepticism by raising suspicions about Gabby’s motivations. Sandra is ecstatic that her plan is working but Liv is left feeling apprehensive.

10. Zak struggles with memories

Poor Zak decides not to go to Faith’s celebration since the prospect of losing Faith is bringing back too many distressing memories of Lisa’s passing.

Faith is desperate to persuade Zak to reconsider, but he instead opts to spend time alone with his recollections of Lisa.

11. Mack and Charity reflect

Charity and Mack are having a hard time adjusting to their recent tragedy and what it means for the future of their relationship.

They share a tender moment of contemplation. Will they be able to survive this trying period?

12. Naomi plots

Since she arrived, Naomi has been the source of conflict, but it appears that she has changed her attitude toward her brother Ethan.

Naomi develops a strategy to make things right with Ethan and win him back to Marcus.

13. Dan has a crush

Since Dan and Amelia were kicked out and Harriet gave them a place to stay at Woodbine Cottage, the two have become closer. However, it appears that Dan wants more from Harriet than just friendship.

When he asks Harriet out for a drink and she has no idea what his genuine intentions are, he is devastated. Will Dan’s feelings be ignored forever?

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