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Emmerdale spoilers: Laurel’s brutal kidnapping will end in death.

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For Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), Colin (Mark Noble) is the stench that simply won’t go away. However, in Emmerdale, his aims have changed from annoyance to murder.

Although it is well known that Colin is a bad person, no one, least of all Laurel, anticipates his next move.

Jai (Chris Bisson) is about to embark on his India journey when Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) convinces Laurel that she is making a mistake by allowing Jai to travel alone so soon after Rishi’s (Bhasker Patel) passing.After reconsidering, Laurel chooses to follow him. She goes to grab Marshall’s (Max Fletcher) passport as she prepares to go, thinking it will only take a few minutes to get there and back. Colin, however, has other plans.

He locks Laurel in Marshall’s bedroom because he won’t let her merely leave with his son’s passport. Since there is no means for Laurel to contact the outside world, her fear and despair are evident. She makes an idiotic attempt to convince Colin to pay attention, but no amount of persuasion or pleading can change his bloody-mindedness. Laurel recognises she is in serious danger since he has lost his sense of reality.

But Laurel is no fool, and she’s also feisty as hell, so when the opportunity presents itself, she seizes it and engages in a life-or-death struggle. She strikes Colin in the head and rushes out the door. Colin, however, was ready for that, and she is now confined.

Those at home are now becoming concerned. What has happened to her is being questioned by Jai, Nicola, and Suni. Will they realise what has truly transpired when Arthur discloses that she scurried off to perform an errand?

Unbalanced and furious, Colin enters the subsequent stage of his instability, compelling Laurel to unlock her phone and text Jai to convince him that her absence is due to a relapse. When Laurel sees a glimmer of optimism when a police officer shows up, that hope is swiftly dashed when Colin manipulates the officer, making him even more unpredictable. Colin doesn’t intend to let her go.

Jai and Suni act decisively after realising Laurel is in great danger, but is it already too late?

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