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Emmerdale spoilers: Lloyd’s fatal fate is revealed, shattering Dan’s life

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When Wendy (Susan Cookson) informs Dan (Liam Fox) that they might be bringing Lloyd (Matt Sutton) out of his coma, a new worry surfaces in Dan. Dan’s charge won’t be upgraded to manslaughter thanks to his survival, but it also means he may admit Dan wasn’t acting in self-defense. Loser takes all.

Since the disastrous day he punched Lloyd once for chasing Amelia (Daisy Campbell), Dan’s life has been in shambles. Dan was detained and charged while Lloyd was left in a coma. Julie, Lloyd’s wife, is also present to see that he suffers.

Amelia runs into Julie, who again attacks the frail adolescent, referring to her as “scum,” but in a turn of events Amelia wasn’t prepared for, Julie breaks down and admits Wendy was wrong—they won’t be bringing Lloyd out of his coma after all.

Vengeful Julie spits that she plans to bring down both her father and Amelia, blaming the young mother for this sad situation. Regarding Lloyd’s conduct towards young ladies on social media, Julie is utterly in denial.

Amelia is scared that she will share her father’s fate despite not understanding what Julie’s warning implies. Sarah (Katie Hill), who assumes full Dingle mode after hearing her anxieties, advises her to break the law and fabricate claims that Lloyd assaulted her. Later, Sarah regrets her advise, but Amelia has already acted on it and is getting ready to share her brand-new tale.

Dan questions Sarah about where she is when Amelia vanishes, and Sarah breaks down and tells Dan what she’s planning to do. Amelia takes a deep breath and gets ready to enter the police station as Dan and Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) rush out to stop her.

Amelia’s falsehoods might make everything worse; is Dan ready to see Amelia go through the same thing as his own life is being destroyed by her lies?

Daisy Campbell reflected on the idea of Amelia losing Dan and remarked, “At first I really don’t think she would cope well because she’s a single mum with college and a job to think about.”

‘In due course, I believe she would learn to deal with it, but I believe it would take some time to get accustomed to, because she has always had Dan around,’ I said. She’s 17 and has the house to consider managing on her own if he ever went to prison, so it’s clear that she’s considering where she would live. If Noah moved in, I believe she would benefit and feel more at ease.

She continued, “Mandy has been Amelia’s rock through what we’ve seen so far.”

They share a special affinity because they both worked in the salon together, and I believe Amelia views Mandy as a mother figure. She has also been a fantastic source of support for Dan. Amelia always has Noah’s support; he is her biggest rock. He undoubtedly comforts her and supports her in good times and bad.

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