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Emmerdale star Rebecca Sarker promises more tensions in Victor storyline

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As the Victor plot unfolds, Rebecca Sarker of Emmerdale has hinted at mounting problems for the Anderson family.

Rebecca’s character Manpreet Sharma is currently embroiled in a family feud, as her partner Charles Anderson struggles to accept his father Victor’s homecoming.

Victor was recently freed from prison after completing a lengthy prison sentence for his role in a brutal crime. Charles was skeptical that Victor had altered his ways, but Claudette, the vicar’s mother, has been lot more eager to give her estranged husband another chance.

Rebecca recently spoke with Digital Spy at an exclusive photoshoot for Inside Soap magazine to commemorate Emmerdale’s nominations for this year’s Inside Soap Awards. Rebecca and her on-screen partner Kevin Mathurin, who plays Charles, are nominated for Best Partnership, while the Andersons are nominated for Best Family.

Digital Spy was provided unique video access to the photoshoot and spoke with each member of the cast.

“As per soap stories, I think Manpreet is the foil to all the drama that’s going on!” Rebecca said of the Victor storyline’s future. She speaks with a lot of logic.

“I believe she has a measured response because she has been through her own [drama].” She’s been through the mill as far as families go!

“I believe she can handle all of the drama, but she can also be quite measured when looking from the outside with a different perspective.” But [Charles] isn’t always attentive. In fact, he never pays attention until it is too late!”

When asked why Manpreet has been so friendly to Victor, Rebecca responded, “I think she wants to believe he’s the real deal now.” He hasn’t been in a long time because he’s a crook with a pretty shady past.

“However, I believe she is willing to give him that chance.” He’s incredibly pleasant, very attractive, and quite hilarious.

“[Manpreet and Charles’] relationship is solid, but even in a solid relationship, there can be little fissures and cracks.”

Rebecca also reflected on Emmerdale’s nominations at this year’s Inside Soap Awards, which will take place at a ceremony in London in September.

She said: “Vote for us if you like us, if you like the stories we tell, if you like the characters and the cast who portray them. I hope we do them justice!

“We have a lot of fun filming. We really appreciate all the support, we enjoy our jobs – and I think we do a reasonably good job of it.”

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