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Emmerdale’s Alex Moss actor’s jaw-dropping body transformation as fans brand him an ‘inspiration’

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Enmerdale star Kurtis Stacey has undergone a massive body transformation in the ten years since he played hunky farmhand Alex Moss – and now looks totally unrecognisable

Kurtis Stacey is best known for his role as Emmerdale’s resident heartthrob farmer Alex Moss between 2011 and 2012.

The actor has become completely unrecognizable and experienced an astounding bodily makeover in the decade after his appearance on the long-running ITV soap.

Fans can’t believe how muscular the celebrity has gotten, calling him “gorgeous” and a “inspiration” to those who want to work out more frequently and become in better shape.

Kurtis, 33, clearly loves fitness and now describes his occupation as both actor and health and fitness specialist, and has given his acting skills to appearances in fitness and protein advertisements in recent years.

Kurtis also often publishes gym photos to his own Twitter account, showing him lifting heavy weights, as well as a series of encouraging remarks.

In one piece, he writes, “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of disappointment,” while in another, he proposes creating a workout soundtrack to keep you motivated.

“Ask yourself what things you need in order to be fit and healthy – building a wealth of motivational and inspirational tools is a start,” the star wrote before telling his fans to plan their diets and “train hard.”

Kurtis’ fitness advice has earned him a sizable internet following, with over 130,000 followers on his Twitter account.

Kurtis utilizes his Instagram account to keep followers up to date on his acting projects in addition to talking about his fitness journey.

In recent years, he’s participated in a number of pantomimes and theater productions, and he appears to be doing a lot of modeling as well.

Despite his brief appearance on Emmerdale, he is most recognized for his portrayal as farmhand Alex Moss.

Alex quickly became a popular favorite among viewers after being employed by John Barton and became a hit with the women in the hamlet, including John’s own wife Moira.

Despite his fame, Alex suffered a horrifying end.

Cameron Murray murdered Alex in a heinous Christmas Eve murder.

Cameron had told Alex that he had brutally murdered Carl King in October of that year, but he was terrified that Alex would blow the beans and place him in prison.

Cameron, played by Dominic Power, eventually chose to kidnap Alex on Christmas Eve and, despite Alex’s brief escape into the woods, ended up permanently silencing him and buried his body on the farm.

Alex’s body was discovered in July 2013, months after he was accused of robbing another resident and fleeing town.

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