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Emmerdale’s Amelia forced to raise baby alone after labour as star drops worrying teaser

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Amelia Spencer, a teenager from Emmerdale, will be central to the soap’s 50th anniversary special as she gives birth in a remote barn after seeking refuge from the fierce wind.

Amelia Spencer from Emmerdale, played by Daisy Campbell, might have regretted leaving the village to go on a date with her boyfriend Noah Dingle, played by Jack Downham, before a windstorm wreaked havoc on the Yorkshire Dales. Daisy, an Amelia actress, has hinted that because of her early labor, she will have to raise her child by herself.

Emmerdale is celebrating its 50th birthday with a dramatic month that centers on a terrifying windstorm.

Prior to the scenes airing on ITV, Daisy Campbell, 19, spoke with yzee.uk and other media outlets about her character giving birth while the world is in ruins.

She explained that her character was looking forward to meeting Noah on their first official date as a couple, but the day ends badly when the weather suddenly turns bad.

The worst storm to ever hit, she said, and it just got worse from there. “I just think there was no weather forecast at all,” she said.

In order to escape the violent winds, the young girl finds an empty barn. However, she lacks a phone signal and is unable to call anyone.

Daisy described the location of the barn as follows: “It was in the middle of nowhere, it’s really beautiful, but they had to make it look really awful with the storm. It was supposed to be just over the hill from the Emmerdale village.

It was one of the best filming days I’ve ever had; it didn’t feel like we were filming Emmerdale. It felt like we were filming a movie.

As the storm moves into the Dales, Amelia experiences an early labor as the actress struggles with three “massive” wind machines.

After seeing the terrifying scenes again, Daisy said, “I am happy with it now because going through that and filming it was intense, and I love doing intense scenes.

“When I was filming it, I knew I had to just go for it. In order to be out of breath between takes, I was jogging and performing star jumps.

But now that I’ve seen it, I can unwind because I’ve put in all the effort.

Noah has helped the character during her pregnancy, but he is not the child’s father.

The child’s father, Samson Dingle (Sam Hall), wanted Amelia to abort the child.

DAPHNE said: “Being in labor is a difficult experience for anyone, but because Amelia is so young—she just turned 16—and initially unsure of what is happening, she is especially confused.

“The moment Lydia Dingle arrives, she can breathe a sigh of relief because she has apparently been on her own for a while.

“At first she thinks it’s her dad, but then she realizes it’s Lydia, and since they’ve gotten closer over her having the baby and Sam Dingle not wanting to be involved, it’s such a relief Lydia is there.”

Should Lydia (Karen Blick) leave Amelia to find assistance or a phone signal?

If Lydia abandons Amelia, will she be forced to give birth on her own?

Will the baby make it through the early labor and challenging circumstances of birth?

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