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Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley gushes over ‘beautiful village’ and how Yorkshire has adopted him

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Jeff Hordley first played Emmerdale fave Cain Dingle back in 2020

Jeff Hordley, a veteran of Emmerdale, has expressed his happiness at being a Yorkshireman through adoption.

In 2000, 52-year-old Jeff Hordley debuted as soap opera bad boy Cain Dingle. His character has solidified himself as a fan favorite among millions of Emmerdale viewers over the past 20 years.

Although Jeff was born in Oldham, Lancashire, he very much considers himself a proud Yorkshireman. At a press conference introducing Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary, which will be commemorated in October, the actor made the disclosure.

Jeff responded, “I’m happy and really proud to be part of this program, when asked what he’s looking forward to as part of the celebrations. In addition to having a fantastic cast, team, and crew, one of the highlights is working in this lovely village. I believe it is fantastic that we are showcasing Yorkshire, and as a young man from Lancashire, I’m really pleased to be a part of it. I really am; I almost feel like a substitute Yorkshire boy. He then made the quip, “He means he’s tight,” with co-star Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays Harriet Finch. The head of Emmerdale has provided a hint as to what viewers of the show may anticipate from the significant milestone month. She uttered:

“We reasoned that we should recognize the occasion with a month-long celebration rather than simply a single day. And that is just what we will be doing.

“In true Emmerdale fashion, we have every conceivable narrative. We have items that will make you smile, cry, be shocked, and see feats that will rock your world.

“Celebrating not only our fantastic individuals but also the village as a whole was very important to us. Our village will be the focus for the entire month, and it will be beautifully showcased.

For the most recent rumors regarding the soap opera and its stars, please visit our Emmerdale homepage.Additionally, you can read news on the show’s 50th anniversary plans as well as our Emmerdale features there.

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