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Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley supported by fans after after online scam

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The Mandy Dingle star apologised after people were

After Lisa Riley learned that her images were being used in an online fraud, Emmerdale fans raced to show their support.

On Monday, the Lisa Dingle actress posted a warning on Instagram about scammers who are allegedly seeking for bank account information. A “miracle weight loss drug” that “naturally burns fat” is allegedly the subject of the hoax.

It also makes reference to Dragons’ Den, however the business program doesn’t promote diet aids. During 2018, Dragon Deborah Meaden stated in a tweet: “kindly disregard the clickbait. I don’t advertise or support any financial items, snake oil, diet pills, or the key to youthlessness. Anyone claiming to represent me is a SCAM!”

Lisa posted a screenshot of an article that advertised drugs and claimed to show her in images. DO NOT OPEN THIS, she said in the caption, further clarifying.

I’ve received dozens of mails claiming that this was posted on Facebook and Instagram. Please report it instead of opening it. This is a SCAM! They want your bank account information. I’m very sorry, but I have no control over this. Please understand how angry I am that this is still permitted.

Lisa’s supporters responded in the comments area with speed. remarked Helen Jane: “I appreciate you raising awareness of this scam. I’ve also observed it with a lot of other famous people.”

It’s really v unfair that you have to deal with this, thank you for raising awareness, nice lady X, commented Charlotte, and Doreen Woodman remarked: “Good for you Lisa for letting people know. Hope you have a fantastic Monday.” Karen Chandler added: “Good for you Lisa for letting people know.

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