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‘Exit’ from Emmerdale after a beloved villager passes away after receiving a medical diagnosis

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Following the passing of Rishi Sharma, Emmerdale witnessed the departure of another villager.

Eddie Osei’s Victor Anderson, a newcomer to Emmerdale, has annoyed his son Charles (Kevin Mathurin) ever since he moved to the community.

Charles has found it difficult to forget his father’s earlier deception, despite the fact that he told the vicar he was dying.

Victor’s remaining time is uncertain, but things are about to get worse for him in forthcoming moments.

According to ITV’s official leaks, Victor passes out in the cafe while sitting in a chair.

Concerned about Victor’s failing health, Claudette (Flo Wilson) and Charles decide to take action.

Will Victor be able to forget his father’s past if Charles decides to let him stay with them?

If Victor’s condition worsens, a second escape might be imminent.

Claudette implored her son to forgive Victor for the past in moments that were shown this week.

Charles told his mother a lie: “I’m trying, I swear,” he said as she left the church.

Charles eventually smashed a vase of flowers against the wall after becoming enraged.


Fans have been wary of Victor ever since he moved to the town, and many of them have expressed this on social media.

On Twitter, @RyanTheSoapking stated: “The sooner Claudette sees Victor for who he is, the better.”

Later, he speculated, “Wow, Claudette has truly been brainwashed when it comes to Victor. Victor might be lying about being sick.

@itzzzo_ stated: “We don’t like having you around Victor! #Emmerdale.”

“And nobody has yet asked Victor for proof of this phantom tumour,” @lil_fairy_doll continued.

“#Emmerdale Charles has good reason to worry about his father. Victor is a con artist, he is correct. But what exactly is the dad plan? Inquired @OrvilleLloyd.

“@emmerdale,” implored @mrscarter22. Please quickly put an end to Victor Anderson. The man is a #Emmerdale whore. (sic)

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