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‘Exit’ from Emmerdale after favourite villager has heart attack

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Two recent deaths in Emmerdale have shocked the community, but might there be another cherished villager whose health suddenly deteriorates?

According to ITV’s official spoilers, Bob Hope, a stalwart of Emmerdale, experiences an unexpected turn after having a heart attack.

After spotting the two together, Bob gets furious since the B&B owner is still upset about Wendy Posner’s (Susan Cookson) and Liam Cavanagh’s (Jonny McPherson) romance.

In upcoming scenes, Liam is shocked when Wendy shows up at his home to deliver her resignation letter.

Thanks to Liam’s compassion, Wendy is eager to mend her connection with Bob.

A frustrated Bob throws his football into the air after another collision with Archie (Kai Assi) and his football outside the B&B.

The moment Wendy and Liam leave the Tenants’ hut together, he loses focus.

Assuming that they are still having an affair, Bob becomes enraged and quickly strikes Liam in the face.

Bob throws the ball towards Liam despite the villagers’ best efforts to calm him down.

However, when Bob has a heart attack, the situation takes a tragic turn and panic sets in.

Wendy and Liam feel bad as the blame game starts as Bob departs in an ambulance.

Wendy is relieved the following morning when Bob begins to move in his hospital bed, but he is upset as he remembers his heart attack.

With all of her strength, Bernice (Samantha Giles) encourages Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) to concentrate on Bob’s health rather than Wendy’s fault.

Liam shows up in the hospital and hesitantly apologises to Bob for the affair.

Will Bob, however, truly repent, and is he telling the truth about everything?

If Liam admits to wanting more from Wendy, Bob might be forced to leave if he has another heart attack.

After the deaths of Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) and Lloyd (Matt Sutton), Emmerdale has experienced the shock of two additional fatalities.

Bob was devastated by Rishi’s enigmatic passing, and Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) has been finding it difficult to accept that he killed Lloyd.

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