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‘Exposes’ Christmas Day murder victim in EastEnders’ Karen Taylor exit clue

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EastEnders viewers are eager to learn who the murder victim on Christmas Day is, and some believe the announcement of Karen Taylor’s departure will reveal the identity of the victim.

Fans of EastEnders have “figured out” that Danny Walters’ character Keanu Taylor, who lives in Walford, will pass away around Christmas.

Fans have been looking everywhere for clues ever since the BBC soap opera broadcast a flash-forward sequence in February showing six of Walford’s women standing in The Vic over an unidentified victim.

The only thing we know for sure is that the victim is a man because we saw Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) bending down and saying, “He’s dead.”

After six years on the Square, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) announced last week that she would be leaving. Some have combined this information with the flash-forward to foretell the death of Karen’s son Keanu, who was recently engaged to Sharon.

_Anonymous_one wrote on Reddit, “Changed my mind on the Christmas Day death!

Now I believe it to be Keanu! Karen will probably leave if another one of her children passes away because she feels like Albert Square is cursed or something, given that she was fired.

“I didn’t mind him first time around because he was harmless, but now I think Keanu is an absolute s*** character and he has become really super nasty and dodgy,” they continued.

He’s not a decent enough character to be a major loss if he passes away, and there’s no way such a dislikeable guy was kept around for longer than a year.

“I believe Sharon’s calm assertion that he is dead is due to either: 1) their attempt to mislead us into thinking it is not him 2) She’s already detested him to the point where she doesn’t give a damn, or 3) She’s shocked.

The fan said in his final statement: “The only thing is I don’t think his character deserves this much hype and attention about this if it is him, but it actually fits and seeing as though he seems to be a leading man atm, maybe the producer disagrees.”

This hypothesis has also been put out by others. According to Twitter user @Melissa7Aimee, “Keanu will die at Christmas because Karen is going.

Chantel is gone. Kegan is no longer around, thus it will be her exit plot. Furthermore, it clarifies Sharon’s response in the flash ahead. #EastEnders.”

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