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Fans of Coronation Street try to guess which character aids Paul Foreman in taking his own life.

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Paul Foreman from Coronation Street has motor neuron disease (MND), for which there is presently no cure, and he will unfortunately pass away from it.

As Paul Foreman’s MND progresses, viewers of Coronation Street are certain Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), who plays him, would assist Paul Foreman in taking his own life.

“[Stephen] could set Paul up for the killings, leave a written confession, because we know he’s good at forgeries and the confession found after his death,” Chris speculated on Reddit.

Rufus’ death has thus far been declared an accident, despite the fact that we know he stole his automobile the night before.

But if murder was ever suspected, he would be held responsible.

Paul might be Stephen’s final victim, capping off his murderous rampage and conveniently ending his life before Paul’s symptoms get out of hand on the show.

Recently, Paul asked his partner Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) to assist him in taking his own life when the time came, leaving him distraught.

His suggestion, however, went against Billy’s religious convictions, which strained their relationship.

On the Weatherfield soap opera, Stephen might choose Paul as his next victim after failing to assassinate his partner Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox).

Stephen intended to use Elaine as his fourth victim in order to collect the life insurance benefit, but he was discovered.

Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), Teddy Thompkins (Grant Burgin), and business client Rufus Donahue (Steven Meo) were all murdered by Stephen in the previous year.

Why would Stephen benefit if Paul was killed off in the soap opera? Paul can offer him a sizable sum of money to persuade the villain to put an end to his misery.

Rufus’ wife Lou, who informed him she was worried her husband’s death was not an accident after all, is one person who might be on to Stephen.

In subsequent scenes, Lou pulls out a bag of goods the police gave her that were discovered by the pool the night of Rufus’ death. They include Stephen’s tie pin.

When Lou (Eleanor Howell) tells the murderer about the bag of goods from the ITV soap opera, how will he respond?

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