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Fans of Emmerdale ‘work out’ as Gabby Thomas ‘become pregnant’ with a married villager’s child.

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Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas has had a challenging few months after her life was completely upended when her fiancé Nicky Milligan came out as homosexual on the day of their wedding.

Fans of Emmerdale believe that in upcoming scenes, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) will become pregnant with a married villager’s child.

Earlier this week, after attacking her ex-boyfriend Nicky Milliga (Lewis Cope) in a drunken frenzy, Gabby attempted to kiss Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle).

He spurned her at the altar and admitted that he was gay and that he had been forced into the marriage as part of his father’s vindictive scheme against Kim Tate (Claire King).

On Thursday’s episode of the ITV soap opera, Gabby witnessed Nicky kissing his new love interest. She was furious and struggled to recover from the crushing blow.

She appears to be focusing her attention on Billy, who is a happy married man to Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).

On Friday’s episode of the soap opera, Gabby moved in for a kiss, and Billy had the opportunity to warn Dawn about it, but he chose not to do so in front of the two women.

Gabby and Billy might end up having an affair behind Dawn’s back, according to some Emmerdale fans’ theories.

One person who used Twitter wrote: “#Emmerdale Calling it now: ‘Gabby and Billy will fight bitterly, shag, Dawn will miscarry the child, Gabby will fall pregnant and you know the rest’.

“Have I missed something?” asked Garry Enfield. Gabby did attempt to kiss Billy, Dawn. #Emmerdale.”

In Beccy’s words, “Of course, she was going to make a move, he rejected her so she’s going to be typical Gabby and tell Dawn he made a move on her just to cause a bit of trouble #emmerdale.”

“The seeds are now planted for Gabby and Billy to have an affair,” said Betty. It’s definite. (sic)

“I knew Billy wouldn’t tell Dawn about Gabby trying to kiss him,” Mike wrote. #Emmerdale.”

If Gabby approaches Billy again, will he reject her attempts or is there a spark?

Billy is currently expecting Dawn’s unborn kid, so let’s hope he stays loyal and Gabby backs off.

On the ITV soap opera, Billy and Dawn got married last year and have gone through a lot as a relationship. Will Gabby soon come between them?

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