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Flood of love as former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo and girlfriend Tahnee Sims post update

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The singer and former Home and Away star shared a joint post with his partner.

Former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo has provided an update on his health as he fights brain cancer.

The couple honored the six-year anniversary of his initial diagnosis in 2017 in a post posted by both Ruffo and his partner Tahnee Sims.

“Six years after being diagnosed, what a fighter!!” Sims captioned the post, which was followed by a series of photos showing the star’s lengthy struggle.

Friends and followers of Ruffo’s expressed their support in the comments section.

Lynne McGranger, a personal friend of Ruffo and his former co-star, expressed her admiration for the couple.

“Love you both. Always in my prayers. Pretty sure @sydneyswans will end up ahead of @essendonfc – so YOUR TURN FOR DINNER!! AGAIN ❤️🤍😘🤣🥰🥳🙏🥂😍” she wrote.

“Such a fighter 🙌🙌,” Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou added.

The Morning Show host Kylie Gillies and former SAS Australia star Anna Heinrich both commented with a series of heart emojis.

“What a champ 🙌 and what an amazing girl you have by your side ❤️ xx,” another fan wrote.

“And you’re both always happy… “Your fight and love are truly inspirational,” said another.

“Keep fighting, Johnny.” “You are an inspiration to everyone,” one user added.

On The Morning Show on Tuesday, Entertainment Editor Peter Ford shared an emotional account of Ruffo’s journey.

“We talk about Johnny a lot, and we’ve had him on many occasions because his story is so extraordinary.” The six-year battle, his fortitude and the way he conducts himself…”

Sims had put together the post, according to Ford.

“Clearly, there have been some real down times and challenging times, but there have also been some happy times over the six-year period,” Ford added.

“They are a wonderful couple, and his battle goes on, and we always wish him the best.”

Ruffo revealed last year that his brain cancer diagnosis was fatal, but he vowed to fight the disease as best he could and live life to the utmost.

“I understand that the cancer is terminal, but you know, I’m going to do everything I can and am currently doing everything I can to kick its a***,” he told 7Life last year.

The video shows the artist receiving treatment in hospitals throughout the last six years, with Sims by his side at all times.

Ruffo previously described chemotherapy treatments as “not fun” in a September 2022 update.

“I’m feeling like s***.” “I’m always exhausted just walking up a flight of stairs,” he admitted to 7Life.

“By the time I get to the top, all I want to do is sleep.”

Ruffo stated that he was receiving chemotherapy injections every three weeks at the time.

Sims, whom he refers to as his “guardian angel,” is present throughout.

Ruffo stated that he “literally would not be here” if it hadn’t been for his girlfriend, “because she’s been there for me several times where it’s been touch and go.”

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