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Friday, June 14, 2024

Following the news of Whitney’s exit, EastEnders fans are “devastated” as an iconic character departs.

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A number of enduring characters from EastEnders have lately left the show, while others have come back after years away.

Fans of the BBC soap opera EastEnders were left “devastated” when it was revealed Whitney Dean (played by Shona McGarty) would be leaving after 15 years. Now Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) has also reportedly decided to leave the show.

In 2017, the renowned figure made her appearance as the matriarch of the Taylor family.

For her performances over the course of her seven-year run, Lorraine has earned numerous accolades, including best rookie in 2018 and funniest female in 2019.

Since moving to Walford, her character has seen a lot of turmoil. Among the standout plotlines are the death of her kid due to spousal abuse and her financial struggles.

Following the announcement that both Lorraine and Shona would be leaving, fans have taken to social media to express how “sad” they have been left.

On Sunday, it was revealed that Shona had chosen to leave her position, and Lorraine is apparently being cut off the serial opera.

According to a source, choosing which characters will leave the soap opera is always a difficult decision for the show’s producers, but it is necessary to do so in order to generate new character arcs and keep stories interesting.

They said, “Lorraine had a great run on the soap and was a real scene stealer with her comic timing and she has certainly made her mark with fans.” in a statement to The Sun.

@WalfordEast tweeted: “Devastated to learn both Shona McGarty (Whitney Dean) and Lorraine Stanley (Karen Taylor) will be leaving #EastEnders.”

Karen leaving without her tribe makes little sense unless others are going as well, wrote @gilvan2416. Too many of them are connected to the character. #EastEnders.”

She [Lorraine] is a really fine actor, in response from @Fabiaburlesque. I’m hoping she’ll soon land a new acting role.

“I send both actresses my best wishes for continued success in the future.” Before Whitney departs, I’m hoping she finally finds happiness.DD33872584 tweeted, “I honestly really like Karen. She’s a typical ‘Karen’so I’m going to miss her obnoxious antics #EastEnders.

“To the lovely @ShonaBM, I hope you find your way in whatever you need to follow in singing or acting, I’m sure [you’ll]smash it. Good luck in all you do, and god bless your heart. Our#Whitney #Eastenders gonna miss you,” said @MarkySciFi1980.

Addition from @missarsenal1990: “Really awful news. Though I will miss them, I send them my best wishes for the future.

A comment from @JStevo21 said, “An EastEnders without Karen Taylor doesn’t feel right.”

@Hildathirst11 said: “That’s a shame, I hope Whitney gets a nice ending.”

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