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Former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo shares new update after ‘beautiful’ weekend with partner Tahnee Sims

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A new post from former Home and Away actor Johnny Ruffo generated an outpouring of love for a different reason than the one he earlier stated: that he was still “kicking cancer’s a***.”

Ruffo, who has terminal brain cancer, proved on Instagram that he is still determined to live life to the fullest by sharing photos of him and Tahnee Sims enjoying a Michael Buble concert and an AFL game.

The concert and Essendon’s 86-52 victory over Carlton over the weekend were both highlighted by the star. “Long weekend started off right with Buble’s caramel voice and ended with the Bombers playing campaign football,” the star remarked.

Ruffo posted a snapshot of himself and Sims grinning for the camera along with his post.

The star’s followers and friends immediately expressed their joy at his update in the comments section.

What a weekend, honey,” wrote Lynne McGranger, a co-star on Home and Away and a good friend.

Actress Georgie Parker remarked, “What a lovely weekend,” and Kylie Gillies of Channel 7 wrote, “Nice.”

Love the way you described Buble’s voice, Johnny. Happy you’re having fun, sweetheart,” a different supporter chimed on.

Just a few days earlier, Ruffo uploaded a photo of himself receiving treatment for stage 4 cancer in a hospital.

He posted on Instagram, “Still kicking this thing’s a* #comeatme #f*cancer.”

Ruffo was pictured relaxing in a recliner in the image, which appeared to have been taken by Sims.

As Ruffo flashed two peace signs, Sims was spotted giving the thumbs-up sign.

Ruffo’s friends and supporters shared their unwavering support in the comments section.

Johnny, go! Sorry you have to keep kicking that thing in the ***. You are not worthy of that. I’d really like for it to simply F off and leave you alone. Sarah Roberts, a former Home and Away cast member, wrote: “Sending so much love xxxx.”

“Hello, my sweet friend. You really are a fighter. Speak soon. I cherish you,”

Sally Obermeder, a media figure, remarked, “Love you Johnny – keep fighting xx.”

Michael Wipfli, a radio personality, said, “Go you good thing. We are here to support you, brother.

Ruffo acknowledged last year that his brain cancer was fatal, but he said that he was dedicated to fighting it as valiantly as possible and to living life to the fullest.

He admitted to 7Life last year, “I know the cancer is terminal, but you know, I’m going to do everything I can and I’m doing everything I can to kick its a**.

“I feel f***ing awful. I never feel refreshed after climbing a flight of steps.

“By the time I reach the summit, all I want to do is sleep.”

When asked about his plans for the coming year, Ruffo stated that he wanted to continue making music, look into acting, and present.

Just what I was doing before, he said.

In reference to his 2017 diagnosis, he adds, “I felt like I was just kicking goals and I just couldn’t miss, and then all of a sudden the roof came crashing down.”

“Goddammit, I was thinking that. Everything suddenly came to a halt.

“And it was going so well; I felt like I was accomplishing everything I set out to do.

I kind of want to pick up where I left off since “everything was just going in the right direction for me.”

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