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Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok on the unlikely Amazon gadget she can ‘no longer sleep without’

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The former Home and Away star and mum of two shares her top three parenting buys.

Tammin Sursok has revealed her top three Amazon parenting purchases, as well as the parenting advice she swears by.

The former Home and Away actress, who turns 40 this month, has teamed up with Amazon to create a nationwide competition in which one lucky youngster can design their dream bedroom.

The competition is based on Jennifer Garner’s 2021 film “Yes Day,” and it encourages children to utilize their imaginations and govern their own surroundings.

Tammin, who has spent a significant amount of time speaking with child psychologists for her podcasts, is excited about the campaign because it gives children agency and implies that parents can’t “say no” for a change.

“How many times as parents do we say no more than yes?” Tammin informs 7Life.

“And yes, I know we have to. But I truly believe kids feel stifled and like they have no control over their own lives. Do I believe in boundaries? Absolutely. But I don’t believe in grounding and that any child is intrinsically bad.”

Tammin claims that she avoids using punishment when raising her two girls, ages nine and four, and instead tries to teach them about consequences.

She explains, “If I say, ‘You’ve been bad, go to your room,’ it doesn’t work.

However, I tell my daughter to wash her own clothes if she spills ice cream on herself. Naturally, I assist her with it. But I believe it’s critical that youngsters understand there are consequences for bad behavior.

For instance, if her children damage something, they must complete “household chores to earn money to go and replace it.”

She continues, “I believe kids need to learn consequences.

“My husband and I do a lot of solution-focused work.”

Tammin claims that the simplest and most effective solution to the challenging problem of mealtimes and persuading her girls to eat vegetables is to serve raw and diced vegetables as crudites “before dinner” as this is when they are most hungry.

“If I put meat, potatoes, and veggies on the same plate for dinner, they will obviously go straight to the meat and veg because they’re hungry, but I find if I give the veggies first, they are more likely to snack on them,” she claims.

In order to ensure that my kids don’t go to bed hungry, I also make it a point to only serve them one meal each day. If they choose not to eat it, they are always given the option of an apple and a slice of toast.

Tammin continues, “I don’t cook multiple meals, but I’ve found that if I let them choose between three options, like pasta, before I start cooking, they’ll feel more involved in the process.”

Additionally, she disapproves of placing “dessert on a pedestal” and does not allow her children to get treats. Tammin prefers to serve the sweets alongside the main course so that they aren’t perceived as being on separate plates.

What about her best Amazon purchases?

The Pursay Portable White Noise Machine ($67.99), which Tammin can no longer sleep without, is at the top of her list.

You really don’t realize how much a sound machine will impact your sleep until you have one, she claims. “We bought this for the girls not thinking too much about it,” she says.

“I can no longer fall asleep without it!”

The Rosetta Star Galaxy Projector ($146.03) is another product that Tammin stands by for her kids, both of whom have had trouble overcoming their fear of the dark.

She claims that it has simplified evening routines and made bedtime enjoyable for her young child.

The Professional Volleyball Net ($83.40) was the most recent purchase made by Tammin for her entire family to play with.

“We enjoy it. Sincerity be told, I buy everything from Amazon.

“I’m obsessed with Amazon’s home range because I know I can jump on Amazon.com.au and they’ll not only have it, but they’ll have it delivered to me quickly no matter what crazy thing my girls ask for.”

Go here to enter the Yes Day competition and give your child the opportunity to create their own bedroom.

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