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Former Home and Away star Tessa James suggests soap return in a different role

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Tessa James, a former Home and Away actor, has said she would return to the serial opera, but in a different role.

The actress, who portrayed Nicole Franklin on the soap opera from 2008 to 2011, has just launched a home decorating firm while also pursuing a degree in interior architecture.

Tessa recently responded in a playful manner to a suggestion that she return to the soap opera to redesign the restaurant when speaking to The Morning Show: “They should get me back to redesign the set of Home and Away, that would be wonderful.

Tessa continued, saying it was “quite an idea,” noting that she had “always been really creative” and that she had been a fashion designer on the show.

However, she continued, “This is like a second life for me and it fits in extremely well with my current life. It is flexible with my current life, and it is flexible with the boys. However, it’s also incredibly stimulating for me and that other side of me, which is fantastic.

With regard to her new work choice, the actress elaborated, “I’ve always been artistic, and my mum is an interior architect, as is my sister. We set up a home design firm.

“We made the decision to band together, relaunch AKI, and go all out. We just genuinely like working with each other. I’m halfway through my degree in interior architecture. In other Home and Away news, star Ray Meagher recently discussed a potential alternative profession if the soap opera did not work out.

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