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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Charlotte’s Words Have An Impact On Dante When He Asks Sam To Move Home With Him

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Spoilers for General Hospital indicate Scarlett Fernandez’s character, Charlotte Cassadine, was distressed to see that her mother, Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan), was still dead in a hospital bed. Long-term care might or might not have been beneficial for Lulu. She’s missing a lot of time with her loved ones, who are eagerly waiting for her return. However, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) was currently unable to help Charlotte too much. They are all aware that the prognosis is dismal and that Lulu’s chances of ever waking up decrease the longer she remains in this coma. However, Dante will never forget Charlotte’s remarks because she is correct: Lulu would want them to reside in that home and continue to love her when they move on with their lives.

General Hospital Spoilers — Dante Falconeri Misses Lulu Falconeri

Fans all over the world grieved on the inside knowing that Dante truly meant it when he told Lulu he missed her and that there must still be a small part of him that wonders how it all would have turned out. Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is still Dante’s love interest, but we have to wonder how much of a stand-in she is. Even though Sam might not feel like she lives in Lulu’s shadow, if Lulu awakens as many fans believe she would, that might soon change. After all, Dante and Lulu were one of those power couples that everyone wanted to be.

General Hosptial Updates – Charlotte Cassadine Misses Home

The home that Dante and Lulu built for themselves and their kids is still vacant. She wasn’t exactly on board with moving into his when Dante merged their families and moved into Sam’s home. At the time, he was relieved since he still wasn’t prepared to let go of the past. But now that no one is residing in their family home, Charlotte feels a similar loneliness. Dante might not have known he felt the same way until he said those words.

Dante Falconeri Makes a Move

It only took a few hours after Dante moved in with Sam for rumors to spread that he had abandoned Lulu and his home. Dante was taken aback when his neighbor called to show interest on behalf of his friend group, and he was unsure of how to proceed without Lulu. Sam advised him to put it aside, pointing out that he was under no obligation to decide right then. He seems to have done so, and it has apparently remained on the table ever since. Will Dante be moved by Charlotte’s remark to ask Sam to reconsider where they reside and consider moving into his home? Watch this space for more GH information and reveals.

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