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General Hospital Is Making Sonny Something That He’s Never, Ever Been

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It rhymes with “scum.”

To General Hospital fans, it’s no secret that even though Sonny is a “good” mobster, he’s a bad guy. He’s had so much blood on his hands that it’s a wonder that they aren’t permanently stained. He is dangerous, volatile, and violent. But one thing we never thought Carly’s ex was is dumb. Until now, that is.

Sonny is having Dex tortured until he confesses that he’s The Hook. How does that make sense exactly, Godfather? If Dex “confesses” just to stop the abuse, he’ll be killed. f he doesn’t confess, he’ll also ultimately be slain. Isn’t this the same ridiculous “logic” that Salem deployed during the witch trials? “Confess or we’ll kill you, or confess and we’ll kill you — the option is yours! ”

In the end, he’ll also be put to death if he doesn’t confess. This illogical “logic” is similar to that used by Salem during the witch trials, isn’t it? “Confess or we’ll kill you, or confess and we’ll kill you — the choice is yours! ”

Wise Up, Wiseguy

That Sonny would go to such a low is scarcely a surprise. In fact, this heinous incident has brought up many viewers’ memories of the time he strung up A.J. he hung Michael on a meat hook to take him away. But at least that awful crime had a point: Sonny did a gross thing, but he achieved what he wanted.

It serves no purpose in this instance. Who wouldn’t confess to end their torture? If Dex does, Sonny would be foolish to believe him. Sonny would be foolish to assume that Dex is guilty if he refuses to confess; what, the man is supposed to claim that he did something that he didn’t, knowing full well that it would seal his fate?

What’s All the Fuss?

Even while it appears to us that what will always be remembered as The Dex Incident will cause the public to view Sonny as not particularly bright moving forward, his actor, Maurice Benard, is probably unconcerned about it. In a recent State of Mind, he stated that he had to change the course of an episode with his character before (which you can watch below). Sonny “offered drugs to a young girl, made her strip” in his early days on the drama. It did not go down well. “I survived the storm like no other. I spent some time in hell.

And over the years, fans have occasionally sent Benard back to the hell where Sonny is despised. As he pointed out to Chad Duell (Michael), “I’ve killed your dad. Your mother has been shot in the head. I’ve put you in a coma…

He continued, “If you’re not a good actor, you won’t go past it.” If you’re acting, however, “acting always prevails.”

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