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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 7/26/23: How Far Will Ava Go?

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In these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, things are getting desperate! Sam is questioned by Dante, Michael and Willow converse, Dex is surprised by Josslyn, Curtis attempts to stop Portia, Sonny pledges to handle everything, and Ava swears to guard the people she cares about. How far will she go, though?

Sam and Dante work well together as a team to conduct investigations, so he is curious to hear her take on a current case. She responds, “You… seem to have a suspicion as to why that’ll happen.” However, which case are they debating?

Although Willow is now at home and recovering, Michael is still not a fan of her choice to hesitantly accept Nina into her life. She ponders, “So you’re basically saying you were right all along?”

Josslyn is shocked that Dex is shocked to see her when she surprises him at home! Who specifically were you expecting? she queries. Will he tell her about all of Sonny’s new orders?

Curtis is pushing everyone away due to the reality of not being able to walk again, despite Portia’s best efforts to make things easier for him as he adjusts to his new normal. Curtis firmly states, “There is no way in hell that’s happening.” Can Portia convince him to change his mind and view things her way?

He finally understood why Ava has been acting so oddly lately as she admitted that Betty was the new nanny that Mason had forced her to recruit in order for her to spy on Sonny for their enigmatic boss. He assures her, “I’ll take care of everything.” But Ava is prepared to go to any lengths to protect the people she cares about. “I’ll give it my all.”

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