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General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Files For Divorce — And Portia Gives It To Him

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According to General Hospital spoilers, Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is attempting everything in his power to keep Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) out of his orbit. He can’t get over how positive she is about life. He doesn’t think it would be fun to spend his life in a wheelchair. Curtis wants to concentrate on getting better; he doesn’t need Portia around to act as though she’s madly in love with him when, prior to being shot, she wasn’t.

at least that is how he perceives it. Curtis isn’t open to hearing Portia’s declarations of love and he might never be again. Portia can say she loves him until she’s blue in the face. Portia will be devastated if he filed for divorce. How long can she keep Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) from Trina Robinson who is rushing away from her?

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In Curtis’ opinion, Portia should be relieved of her caregiving duties if he is unable to walk. But Portia resisted accepting Curtis’ choice. She’s resolved to stick by his side and help him get through this trying moment. Portia sees her marriage to Curtis as a union that transcends their physical constraints because of her unshakable love for him. She is adamant that she won’t abandon Curtis when he needs her the most, but when he files for divorce, he’s not going to make it that simple.

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Portia has been acting pretty obstinate lately over Curtis’ demeanor. Not just for Curtis and his fragile state, but also for their marriage in general, she’s determined to see this through. Nobody can blame the guy for wondering why she decided to stick with him; she wasn’t exactly ecstatic over their reconciliation prior to the shooting.

Portia will make sure that Curtis receives everything he is seeking even though he is wearing her down and pushing her away to the point of filing for divorce. She will have to have faith that if they are destined to be together, even after their divorce, they will find a way to reconnect. They’ve already done it, so surely they can do it again.

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Being disabled makes it impossible for Curtis to recover from his divorce. Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) could be coaxed into spending more time with her father while she looks after him, but he won’t want to burden her any more than he did Portia. Some viewers believe Tanisha Harper’s Jordan Ashford might make a comeback to assist Curtis in adjusting to his new life. What will Portia and Trina think if such is the case? How will they feel about being ignored while Jordan is welcomed into Curtis’ life? Will this offspring give Jordan and Curtis a fresh start, or has that ship already sailed? Stay tuned to our site for more GH news and spoilers.

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