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General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Pays A Visit To Curtis — And Portia Lets Her Know Not To Come Back

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According to General Hospital teasers, Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper), who has been keeping a safe distance from Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) and his family, will rush to GH as soon as TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) alerts her to the situation.

Fans are rather irritated that Jordan and Curtis’ relationship was treated as though it no longer existed as a result of that brief kiss. It’s true that Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) didn’t need Jordan to kiss her in the face when she believed her husband could pass away, but that kiss doesn’t diminish the significance of Curtis and Jordan’s relationship. It may have even strengthened it. Jordan is going to return, which might alter Curtis’ perception of the situation as

General Hospital Spoilers — Curtis Can’t Walk

The revelation that Curtis could never again be able to walk has left him in shock. He rejects the idea of believing. No matter how many physicians Portia claims agree with her, he won’t trust it. Curtis is in need of a miracle and won’t give up until he finds a way to literally assist him get back on his feet. Portia, on the other hand, is only thankful that he is still alive and wants to return him to his family so that they can begin to heal from this tragedy. She doesn’t appear to get that Curtis isn’t prepared to face the remainder of his life as a guy in a wheelchair.

GH Spoilers Indicate Jordan Comes By With Apologies

Although Jordan has sort of been in Curtis’ shoes before, she won’t know what to say to him. Her kidneys were deteriorating, and she wasn’t sure whether she would survive. Her idealized version of the future did not include a kidney transplant using one of Jon Lindstrom’s (Ryan Chamberlain’s) organs or spending months in a distant clinic. She could at least walk, but Curtis will probably object. At least she had the option to stand up and leave a room if someone bothered her.

General Hospital Spoilers — The Wound is Still Raw for Portia

We can guarantee that when Portia visits her husband in the hospital, she won’t be expecting to see his ex-wife there. Before they started dating, Jordan was a dependable friend who helped Portia get ready to marry Curtis and saved Trina Robinson (Brook Kerr). Now that Portia has her sights set on Jordan, it appears as though all of that has been thrown out with the bathwater. It’s unlikely that she will show up to lend support, but even if she does, Portia doesn’t want Jordan to stand by Curtis. Does he truly feel that way? Watch this space for more GH information and reveals.

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