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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Meddles In Cody’s Business — And It’s Not Appreciated!

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According to General Hospital teasers, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) will face a difficult choice as she considers what could be best for her buddy Cody Bell (Josh Kelly). Now that she has made a clearer commitment to the man than Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) has, we can refer to him as that. Sam struggles with her feelings for Mac Scorpio (John J. YorK) and her reluctance to interfere with an ongoing police investigation. She will ultimately make a difficult decision that could have broad repercussions as she overreaches and directs Cody’s life.

General Hospital Spoilers — Sam Warns Cody About an Impending Takedown

Sam visits Cody to warn him of the risk after learning of the PCPD’s operation against Selina. He will be perplexed as to why Sam is telling him about the PCPD’s plans when she informs him of them. Did Dante bring it to you?

Even while Cody isn’t likely to accept her advice, it will make him wonder why Dante didn’t tell him about this information himself. Dante may have an opening to remind Cody of Mac’s honorable character once he informs him that it wasn’t he who gave Sam the tip in Cody’s favor, but Mac. Why wouldn’t he want to give himself that gift when he’s so fortunate to have him as a father?

GH Spoilers Spill Selina Steps on Sam’s Toes

Sam and Dante simply don’t comprehend what they are up against. Cody is aware that it won’t be simple to avoid Selina Wu (Lydia Look). Cody’s attempt to separate himself from her left Selina with a bitter feeling, and she expects him to show up at the next poker game and make sure she wins big.

Selina is determined to hold Cody accountable because she has noticed that he has refused to work for her. Cody might therefore go above and beyond by informing Selina that the police are on to her. She’s unlikely to repay him in kind in return, and she’s surely not going to be amused if Sam tries to wrest him from her.

General Hospital Spoilers — Dante and Mac Intervene

Will Sam’s choice to tell Cody about the PCPD’s scheme turn out badly? Is Cody able to free himself from Selina’s control, or will he eventually pay for his actions? Will Sam be held accountable for interfering in the first place, or will Selina decide to leave things alone rather than tamper with the partner of a distinguished police officer? To learn more, keep coming back with us for more GH updates.

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