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General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin And Nina To Blame For Charlotte’s Behavior

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Spoilers for General Hospital (GH) suggest that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) are supporting Charlotte Cassadine’s (Scarlett Fernandez) actions.

Charlotte tells the truth and confesses. Her life-saving surgery and the shooting both went well. She has a new lease on life as of late. However, some admirers believe that her behavior is the result of her parents. Continue reading to find out more.

GH Spoilers: Valentin And Nina Enable Charlotte

Spoilers for The General Hospital claim that Nina and Valentin are supporting Charlotte. On the SoapCentral.com Message Boards, user tollyfan35 wrote: “Valentin and Nina need to stop enabling Charlotte.” It is shameful of them not to confront Charlotte about her fabrications; they were aware of the harm Charlotte was causing Anna, but they still allowed her to keep lying about her whereabouts. They don’t want to get her the assistance she needs; they just want to protect her.

Fans conjectured about Charlotte’s actions on the thread. There are those who think Nina is at fault. Nina persuades Valentin to reconsider each time he seems to be calling out Charlotte. Charlotte’s predicament is exacerbated by the fact that Nina and Valentin both support her.

Charlotte needs to understand the effects of her actions at this point. “Nina was enabling Charlotte!” a fan claimed. Val was inconsolable because his daughter had been dishonest with him.

“I’m glad Val at least admits Charlotte was lying to his face,” another user commented. I was sickened by Nina’s support of Charlotte. I’ve never liked Nina and Charlotte together.

The General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Has Honest Conversation With Charlotte

General Hospital spoilers claim that Valentin made an effort to speak openly with Charlotte. He was making an effort to help her understand her actions. The majority of fans believe Nina is mostly to blame. They don’t know why she lets Charlotte act in any way she pleases.

“This woman poses a threat.” Was she spoilt enough as a kid to not see the value of boundaries and discipline? One fan asked, “Or is it just that she wants to spoil every child because she couldn’t raise her own?”

In fact, they do. It’s not at all assisting her. Another user said, “It feels like she’s bullying Jake’s younger brother again.”

According to General Hospital spoilers, Nina was never able to raise her own children. She spoils Charlotte and lets her do whatever she wants because of this.

When Valentin saw how things had gotten out of hand, it was a wake-up call. He chose to ignore Charlotte’s troubling actions.

Do you believe Charlotte’s actions are encouraged by Valentin and Nina? What is your opinion? Does Valentin try to correct her, in your opinion? Comment below to share your thoughts.

For more news, updates, and spoilers about General Hospital, return often.

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