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Friday, May 24, 2024

General Hospital spoilers week of October 3

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In the recap for today, Diane makes it through surgery, Joss worries that Sonny might be putting Dex in danger, and Spencer is rescued in Pentonville by an unlikely hero.

Despite having long since terminated their romantic connection, Finn and Alexis are still close friends. He is there for her when she needs confirmations. Can he deliver the message she needs to hear, though?

Dex has caught our suspicion for a while now. Does Dante’s desire to speak with him imply that the police share this desire?

Trina and Josslyn schedule some time to catch up. Spencer is receiving some unanticipated help at Pentonville in the meantime. (Does anyone else believe that dear Uncle Victor is probably to blame?

Nothing is off limits for Sonny when it comes to his kids. Will that still be the case, though, when Kristina approaches him with a particular request?’

In the recap for today, Diane recalls a crucial detail about her assailant, Michael and Joss release Dex from Sonny’s freezer, and guess who is back in Port Charles!

There’s no doubt that when Ava visits Ryan, he’ll be a very contented camper. What could she possibly want from her unstable ex, though?

Nothing would make Victor happier than for the Cassadine family to come together as one huge, happy family. He won’t be happy when Nikolas declines his request, I think.

Who is Sonny? Drew is the new confidant that Carly has. Picture: Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey celebrate their anniversary in a very unique way!

In Port Charles, when someone makes a “startling discovery,” it usually indicates something terrible has transpired.

What does that imply for Josslyn’s upcoming encounter?

Valentin keeps spinning his web, but it appears that when Michael declines the elder man’s offer, he won’t necessarily be drawn in.

Jeff Kober makes a comeback as Cyrus develops an unlikely partnership!

In the review for today, Esme observes local residents before visiting her father in Spring Ridge, while Carly converses with a reporter in Florida and muses on changing her last name.

Carly ends up sharing some of her regrets, despite the fact that we don’t particularly think of her as someone who does. Whom, though? Fans are pointing up some significant problems with Carly’s most recent story in the interim. What they have to say is as follows.

However, meet the one individual who might be able to assist Carly in reversing a “grave” injustice.

When Joss and Michael face Sonny, he will be in for a fight!

Ava is busy putting in a good word for someone as Ryan struggles to believe what he is seeing.

Recently, Curtis and Nina haven’t had much time to hang together, but they do manage to find some time to catch up.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah: See what the original cast members of Beverly Hills, 90210 look like today, 32 years after the hit series first swept the nation. You may also learn about the various cast members’ recent activities.

In the recap for today, Esme gives Ryan information that causes their plans to change, Chase makes his big singing debut, and the hook murderer kills another person.

Get ready for The Hook is coming to attack once more. Who will this time be the victim of the unidentified person’s vengeance?

As Terry and Yuri meet up with Liz and Finn, two couples are getting ready to go out.

In order to bring Curtis and Trina to an agreement, Portia will have to exert all of her efforts. But what exactly are they arguing over in the first place?

The Grey’s Anatomy showrunner reveals that season 19 will bring these characters a second chance at love.

It’s taken a while, but Chase is finally prepared to put on one hell of a concert at The Savoy. Will he be popular?

Why is Cody trying so hard to stay away from Maxie?

Preview for Chesapeake Shores: [Spoiler] gets shot while attempting to put an end to a botched robbery.

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