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General Hospital Tabyana Ali Under the Tuscan Sun

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Given recent events in her life, Trina Robinson of General Hospital is overdue for a relaxing extended vacation. The actress who plays her, Tabyana Ali, has some fantastic travel suggestions that she might impart to her fictional alter ego. For the most recent Travel Tuesday, the actress spoke with Soap Hub about her opinions on traveling.

Tabyana Ali Talks Travel and What Island Gave Her Her Name

Do you have any fantasy vacation destinations?
Tabyana Ali: I’ve expressed to my mother my desire to travel to Tuscany ever since I was a young child. My mother used to say she wanted to go to Tuscany, where she would have a chicken farm and sell eggs. She gave me the dream, but I’ve also had it for myself. It seems like a lot of fun.

I don’t believe I would need to do it in Tuscany. Also on my bucket list is a trip to Guana Island, which is a part of the British Virgin Islands. I’d want to go to Aspen in the United States. I dislike traveling. I detest flying. I’ll do my best to keep my feet on the ground. But I’d really like to see those three locations. I’d also like to go to Tabyana Island.

Were you named after the island?

Tabyana Ali Yes. That’s where I got my name. My mom visited the island of Tabyana, which is in Honduras. She said, ‘If I ever had another daughter, I’d name her Tabyana’ — and surprise, here I am!

You talked about Tuscany — had you seen any movies that were set there?

Tabyana Ali Yes. I have watched Under the Tuscan Sun. My goodness! I adore that film. It seems to be speaking to me in all languages. A dream location, that is. Going there and finding an abandoned, dilapidated villa with a lovely yard appeals to me. You must make the necessary repairs and ad your own touches. That movie has a real impact on me. I hope to one day construct and live in my own house.

 What do you love about that film?

Tabyana Ali The story of Diane Lane’s character in the film is one of exquisite love, not just with a guy but also with herself and the people around her. That is what entices me to watch that film. I adore “love,” but I adore adoring myself even more. I think that movie is really lovely.

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