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General Hospital’s Hooked Us With a Theory That Spells Double Trouble for Port Charles

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Get ready for a twist that’ll turn this whole story upside down.

There was a time when we believed we knew who the murderer from General Hospital might be. But then the show pulled the rug out from under us by having Diane admit that her assailant had been a woman, just as we were about to round up the suspects into a room like something out of an Agatha Christie novel and cry, “J’accuse!”

Suddenly, suspects like Ryan, Rory, Austin, and Dex had to be eliminated. (Although, in all honesty, we had already come to the conclusion that Dex couldn’t possibly be responsible. not only because he likes to show off his abs.)

As if that weren’t enough to throw us off the trail, Portia furthered our perplexity by suggesting that Trina rather than Sonny might be what connects the deaths. After all, Ava is her friend and mentor, and Diane served as the young woman’s attorney. Oz also played a significant role in Trina’s framing. How about Brando? Well, considering that Joss was the murderer’s initial target, many have concluded from the beginning that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Then, in the episode that aired on October 11, Trina revealed something that gave us a completely new idea of the crime in addition to putting one of our original suspects back at the top of the list. We began to worry that Trina, who we assumed to be Spencer’s future fiancée, was putting herself in danger when she confided in Ava that she was considering traveling with Rory and said, “I feel comfortable with him.”

You remark, “But it can’t be.” We now know that a lady is the murderer.

Do we, however? Knowing that Diane was attacked by a woman However, what if they are not operating alone? What better way to misdirect everyone’s attention than by planning a copycat assault.

Think about it: Diane’s assailant had to have known that she’d seen their face. So why not do the task? Unless it was all part of the larger plan for Diane to live to tell the tale.

Which brings up a number of important queries: Who could they be, if there is a tag-team loose in Port Charles? Who did Rory involve in his strategy so that everyone would suspect a woman if she is as dangerous as we now believe?

Call us crazy, but we can’t help but wonder if he has a close relationship with the lately returning Esme, who ostensibly harbors the greatest animosity toward Trina. But what might that link be, and how would her recently discovered pregnancy affect the situation?

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