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General Hospital’s Storyline Bust And Why Nothing Can Save It

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This GH storyline isn’t working.

At General Hospital, there was always a chance that the endometriosis plot might fail. If the issue is explored in depth, it becomes somewhat dry and complex. But it quickly fizzled out, and there is no turning it around now.

General Hospital: In the Lead

The character that was assigned to it, Molly, has largely been used incidentally throughout her time on the soap opera. Therefore, it would have taken a lot of time for me to truly care about her situation and my desire to become a parent. Instead, it just appeared out of nowhere. Whether the audience cared or not, Molly (Brooke Anne Smith) and TJ (Tajh Bellow) simply decided they wanted to have children, and they invited the audience along for the adventure.

Stunning GH Exits

The two leading actresses in the story were suddenly replaced, which made the situation worse. Since 2009, Haley Pullos has played Molly, and Lexi Ainsworth has played her older sister Kristina. It has been 14 years since fans first fell in love with and grew devoted to Molly and Kristina.

They belonged to the adored cast’s “Davis Girls.” Together with their older sister Sam (Kelly Monaco), the group represented female power as three young women who cared for, supported, and loved one another through life’s ups and downs. You could sense their connection, and you wanted them all to succeed together because of it.

General Hospital: Changing Faces

Just as the plot began, two of the three sisters had their roles changed. First, the Daytime Emmy Award winner Ainsworth was shockingly replaced by former Days of our Lives actor Kate Mansi by the soap opera. When Pullos was engaged in a hit-and-run vehicle accident and had to deal with ensuing legal troubles, the show was then obliged to recast Molly. Smith took over as the new Molly after Holiday Mia Kriegel stood in for a few weeks.

Here’s the GH Problem

The two actors who GH hired to play Molly and Kristina are not untalented; just the contrary. Smith has a plethora of credits, while Mansi has her own Daytime Emmy for playing Abigail Deveraux DiMera on DAYS. The viewer isn’t interested in either of them as Molly or Kristina, which is the problem. They weren’t originally a part of the “Davis Girls.” Fans haven’t been following their difficulties for many years. There isn’t the same great synergy between Pullos, Ainsworth, and Monaco right now.

Instead, viewers are made to observe two strangers in this important plot, whether they want to or not. The approaching highs and lows, the tears, the joy, and the grief of this upcoming narrative will therefore never be felt nearly as well or as forcefully as they may have been. And it renders the entire plot point ineffective.

Weekdays, ABC broadcasts General Hospital. For airtimes, check your neighborhood listings. Check out the most recent GH spoilers for more information about what will happen in Port Charles, and go here for a detailed look at the show’s history.

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