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GH Fault Lines: Who Is To Blame for Nina Reeves and Carly’s War?

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Is this GH spat really about Sonny?

Since before Carly’s husband abandoned her in favor of Nina Reeves, Carly and Nina have been at odds on General Hospital. Wiley, their shared grandchild, and his less significant younger sister, Amelia, are another issue. Nina also discreetly turned Carly and Drew over to the SEC, while Carly covered Willow and Nina’s mother-daughter relationship.

General Hospital Polling

With no sign of a resolution, Soap Hub was forced to inquire: Who is the bad guy in this conflict? Nearly 3,000 people offered their opinions on which woman is to fault.

Nina Reeves: The Mother of All Lies

Carly (Laura Wright) is only viewed as the worst offender by 5% of people. She kept Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) mother, Nina (Cynthia Watros), a secret. She kept Nina’s parentage a secret from Willow (Katelyn MacMullen). She wouldn’t let Nina to visit Wiley. Or, more accurately, she pushed Michael (Chad Duell) and Willow to keep Nina from seeing Wiley. Is it any wonder her adversary is waging war?

GH: Where in the World Is…?

Nina not telling Carly that Sonny (Maurice Benard) was alive and amnesic is far worse than Carly’s mama lie. 44% of you have done the calculations, and two daughters don’t even come close to equaling one husband. especially if Sonny is the spouse. Sonny cannot be replaced, despite Nina’s best efforts to pretend that Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) is her child.

Nina Reeves: Double the Drama

However, it’s a tie for exactly 51% of the viewers. The majority of you believe that everyone is to blame. Nina and Carly are each partially to blame for the situation. They are both petty and immature, and they refuse to let go when any sane person would have grown tired of them long ago.

This loop of idiocy won’t end until the two of them mature and quit planning and conniving. At times, Carly will triumph. Nina will succeed on occasion. In the end, Wiley and Amelia will always be Nina’s grandchildren and Willow will always be her daughter. However, whether Carly will always be Sonny’s love is even more certain.

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