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GHSpoilers: Esme Pregnant with Nikolas’ Baby – Pregnancy Reveal Stuns Daddy Cassadine?

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The major discovery would astound Daddy Cassadine because General Hospital (GH) teasers hint that Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) may be carrying Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) child. Let’s talk about some of the most recent hints since Esme has a secret that is truly game-changing.

In the episode from October 6, Esme presented Ryan Chamberlain with a fresh plan of action (Jon Lindstrom).

Esme was aware of a recent development that she thought would benefit them even though she understood it wasn’t part of their original plan.

Esme made a suggestion that she had a weapon that could take down the Cassadines and force Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) to turn back toward Ryan.

The GH writers chose to keep the rest of the talk private, but Ryan was thrilled with the brilliant idea and realized that the original plans needed to change.

Esme may have a Cassadine bun baking in the oven, given everything that was mentioned.

Esme may have discovered she was pregnant after sleeping with Nikolas.

Esme is after all sporting a quite large coat. Esme has yet to remove that enormous coat, leaving us to speculate as to what she might be concealing there.

Esme may be hiding a little pregnancy bump, which, if Nikolas learns the truth, will shock him to his core.

When Nikolas confronts Esme at the Wyndemere safe during the week of October 10–14, he’ll force her into a difficult situation.

Esme will attempt to rob someone of money to buy supplies, but she will be caught.

Esme will make it crystal apparent to Nikolas that he shouldn’t call the police after he decides to do so.

Esme could easily picture removing her coat to expose her growing baby belly and pleading with Nik not to imprison the mother of his child.

Esme may use this possible child to get temporary safety, but in the long term, she plans to blow as many Cassadine lives up as she can.

Of course, we need also take into account the chance that Esme’s “s” will be something different, such as if she somehow got to obtain Nikolas’ taped confession.

No matter what happens, Ava and Nikolas will argue angrily during the week of October 17–21.

Esme’s behavior will undoubtedly cause further difficulties, so we’ll provide updates as more GH information becomes available.

According to General Hospital teasers, Esme will cause some havoc with the secret she reveals.

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