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History on Coronation Street will likely repeat itself as residents become addicted to social networking

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Ryan Connor of Coronation Street returned on Wednesday night after visiting his mum Michelle Connor in Ireland.

Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) of Coronation Street has started a fitness regimen and taken steroids, but he may soon develop a social media addiction.

In upcoming scenes, Ryan apologises to Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) by contacting the Rovers following a fight during which he called her names.

After settling their differences, they join Jenny (Sally-Ann Matthews), Carla (Alison King), and Maria (Maria Longchambon) in toasting Johnny (Richard Hawley).

Carla snaps some selfies on Ryan’s phone to capture the moment and uploads them, but she unintentionally publishes a picture of Ryan’s bare torso.

Carla is concerned as Ryan storms out of the Rovers after realising what has happened.

Later, Ryan demonstrates to Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoigne) how to upload images of his gym figure on social media and introduces Peter to his new account.

He reveals that he publishes anonymously and has already gotten hundreds of likes.

Could Ryan be on the wrong path and grow dependent on social media and his appearance?

As he draws unwanted attention and may acquire a stalker of his own, like Daisy, his obsession could become nasty.

Will Daisy help him through the difficulties if he does, just as he did for her?

Carla questioned him last night about why he bought the gym equipment, and he replied that he was finally in the mood to get back in shape.

She was unaware that he had received steroids covertly and might soon develop an addiction to them.

Ryan stated to Express.co.uk and other media regarding the long-term effects of the attack and steroids: “It’s going to change his life forever.

It alters how he interacts with the outside world. The time required for respiration and recovery is extremely long, if not eternal.

“It involves years, if not the remainder of your life, of psychotherapy and physical therapy. PTS, trauma therapy, and picking up basic skills.

“I believe that despite the dramatic change that the occurrence brings about, he is determined to remain true to himself.

It’s a hard road, but I believe he is trying to rediscover the contagious enthusiasm he previously possessed.

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