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Home and Away Amber star reveals which co-star surprised her most as she exits show

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Maddy Jevic, a star of Home and Away, made her acting debut as Amber Simmons in 2020.

It was initially revealed that the feisty character was caring for John Palmer after he suffered a stroke, but it soon became clear that she had a convoluted past involving Colby Thorne, Willow Harris, and Dean Thompson.

Amber’s relationship to Dean and Colby’s pal Jai—who died in a vehicle accident in 2012 while the guys were firmly entrenched in the River guys gang—was revealed to be sibling-related.

Amber broke the shocking news to Dean that he was the father of her son, Jai, not long after they arrived in Summer Bay.

Since she accepted a job offer across the country, Amber hasn’t been seen in the Bay in some time, but it is now confirmed that she won’t be coming back.

Following Amber’s choice to move to Queensland with their son, Dean continued to feel helpless during Monday’s (May 1) episode of the Channel 5 soap opera.

Ziggy recommended to Dean that they follow Amber and Jai and establish a new life in Queensland as well in order to preserve their family’s unity.

The Wentworth actress discussed her experience as a longtime fan joining the serial opera, revealing Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart, surprised her the most on set.

The actress told TV Week that Ray is “really sharp” and “really smart.” “Alf is Alf, but Ray is only aware of it in real life. His magnetism definitely caught me off guard.

Maddy acknowledged that she was unable to contain her joy when she first met Lynne McGranger, who has played Irene Roberts since 1993.

She had just the comforting, beautiful aura that I was used to from watching [the show] growing up. She’s so down to earth and loving, like a mother,” she remarked. “Oh my God, I’m in Summer Bay with Irene,” I exclaimed.

Maddy joined the soap in 2020 and started filming during the COVID-19 epidemic. When asked about the filming, Maddy said they had enough of extras to help out on set.

The celebrity remarked: “So many people were there to assist us with everything. At the end of the day, actors have to convey a tale, but there are so many individuals there who assisted us in choosing the best course of action.

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