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Home and Away character makes a big decision in pregnancy storyline

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Rose shows her support.

Bree Cameron from Home and Away has once more confided in Rose Delaney as her major new storyline develops.

Following her previous kidnapping incident with her violent husband Jacob, Bree recently informed Rose that she is expecting a child but is unsure of the paternity.

Bree and guitarist Remi Carter of Lyrik have been dating on and off for the past few months. As they were always cautious when they slept together, she has informed Rose that there is a very slim probability that Remi is the father.

Bree has also admitted to Rose that when Jacob abducted her and made her stay with him for two months ago, she felt compelled to have sex with him. She is adamant that Jacob, who passed away in January, is the father.

Bree tried to find the proper moment to tell Remi about her pregnancy in the episode that aired on Monday (March 13) on Channel 7 in Australia.

Bree worries that Remi won’t comprehend her decision to have sex with Jacob, despite the fact that Rose has noted that it was obviously not consenting given the circumstances.

A troubled Bree has pushed Remi away and insisted that they don’t have a future, opting not to ask him for help. This just caused her further heartache when she mistakenly thought Remi had cheated by spending the night with another lady.

On the most recent episode of the show, Bree talked to Rose about the challenging circumstance and said she no longer intended to engage Remi and wanted to have a termination.

Bree clarified: “I should have just gone with my gut. This pregnancy doesn’t need to be disclosed to Remi.

“I must make this choice since Remi won’t be participating and Jacob has left. More time is not necessary. I just don’t feel prepared to be a mother.

“I can’t have this baby. I’m going to make an appointment at the clinic.”

Bree was pleased when Rose agreed to respect her privacy and support her following her decision.

Home and Away fans in the UK will see these scenes on Channel 5 in May.

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