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Home and Away confirms Tex Wheeler’s fate after return plot

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Fans of Home and Away have received an update on Tex Wheeler, which may indicate that Cash Newman’s struggle with the biker gang is now finished.

Last month, Tex returned to the program on Australian television and once more posed a dangerous menace.

The antagonist first showed himself in scenes set in prison, but he eventually broke out to wreak revenge on Cash. Since the policeman shot their leader Marty in self-defense last year, Tex and the bikies have been carrying a grudge against him.

In his most recent ploy, Tex hired one of his goons to kidnap Cash and bring him to the bikies’ lair. Tane Parata intervened to save Cash and phoned the police for assistance, thwarting Tex’s attempts to kill Cash once more.

Tex continued to threaten Cash before being returned to jail, announcing that their conflict was far from ended.

Fortunately, Rose Delaney assured Cash that there was no need to continue worrying about Tex in the episode that aired on Wednesday in Australia (8 February).

Tex had already gotten Cash into problems and even had a hit ordered against him using his covert contacts on the outside. But it appears like Tex’s chances of making decisions from behind bars have all been eliminated.

“I heard through a mate on the task team that Tex is in isolation,” Rose said to Cash.

When asked if this meant that Tex wouldn’t get any sketchy guests anymore, Rose responded: “None. You are now completely safe from him and the bikers, and there have been no phone calls either, so I’d say.”

Cash was relieved to hear the news, but he found it tough to smile as he thought back on the challenging period he’s still going through with his on-and-off love interest Eden Fowler.

Following her involvement in a serious vehicle accident brought on by bikie gang sabotage, Eden has now regained consciousness at the hospital.

Sadly, Eden can’t recall ever feeling anything for Cash and has scant memories of the events leading up to the collision.

Cash appears to have paid a high price for his dispute with the merciless criminals, despite the fact that he is now secure.

In March, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.

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