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Home and Away explosion culprit to be caught out

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Marilyn Chambers from Home and Away will get a critical update on the Stunning Organics saga next week on UK television.

Marilyn is among the Summer Bay inhabitants calling for justice in the coming days, following an explosion caused by her fight with the dishonest cosmetics corporation.

Someone connected to the company recently sent Marilyn a bomb packed inside a Stunning Organics shipment. Mali Hudson, John Palmer, and Roo Stewart were all caught in the crossfire, resulting in bloodshed.

Kirby Aramoana points out in upcoming Channel 5 broadcasts that the Stunning Organics CEO may have been responsible for the explosion, as he was asked to step down just a few weeks before the event.

Kirby tells Rose Delaney about her theory and complains that the police aren’t doing enough to find the culprit. This irritates Rose, who believes Kirby fueled the flames during Marilyn’s public confrontation with Stunning Organics.

Rose escapes to her police van to avoid additional disagreements with Kirby, their friendship in shambles.

Marilyn intervenes, pointing out to Kirby that they defied police warnings and refused to back down on social media, which contributed significantly to the terrible circumstances that led to the explosion.
Kirby accepts this grudgingly and apologises to Rose at the police station, where the friends reconcile.

Later in the week, Rose learns that the previous CEO of Stunning Organics has been apprehended, so she rushes off to make an arrest.

Rose’s bravery wins her many supporters in the Bay, and she appears to have dispelled any misgivings about how the police handled the issue.

Marilyn is relieved to discover later that the CEO has pleaded guilty to creating the explosion, avoiding a lengthy and drawn-out trial.

Despite this, Marilyn is troubled by the fact that Roo, who is currently on life support in a metropolitan hospital, is paying the price for what happened.

Marilyn’s mood worsens when she discovers that Stunning Organics has hired a new CEO and is continuing to operate normally.

It’s frustrating for Marilyn and Alf to see that, despite their trauma, it’s business as usual at Stunning Organics.

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