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Home and Away: How a pair of stage-crossed actors make long distance work

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lovers who crossed paths Lachlan Dearing and Angelina Thomson make maintaining a distant relationship seem like fun.

During the Chorus Line preparations for the Opera House show in December 2021, the Home and Away actor and the Hamilton the Musical actor got to know one another.

That was kind of a showmance, according to Dearing.

“Then, Angelina made the first move, which, to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t believe. We had been laughing like this since she invited me to join her for a swim at the beach.

When Covid spread among the theater groups, Thomson began having lengthy daily FaceTime check-ins with Dearing.

She remarked, “It evolved into something else, which is extremely amazing, because we got along so well as mates.

The brilliant couple lived in Sydney for five months while Thomson was in Sydney playing Kirby on Home and Away before Dearing relocated to Melbourne to begin Hamilton’s Australian tour.

“We travel in and out to visit one other every couple weeks,” he said. “We have a lot of Skype dates.” Strangely, we feel much closer. because you need to communicate with your partner in depth. You cannot simply inquire about their supper plans.

The ocean is how Thomson describes her television character: “She’s flowing. She is capable of being both quiet and huge, witty, and lively.

Like you,” Dearing remarked to the woman.

Thomson continued, “I’m really happy to be a woman of color on television. The motivation to represent the Cook Islands is immense. It’s really special to play a role that deviates from the cliché of the “sassy brown girl.”

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