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Home and Away John Palmer star’s life – co-star wife to living on a luxury yacht

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Home and Away actor Shane Withington has played lifeguard John Palmer since 2009, and quickly became a fan-favourite character during his tenure on the Channel 5 soap

In the television series Home and Away, Shane Withington played surf lifeguard John Palmer.

Since appearing in the 2009 season of Summer Bay on Channel 5, the 63-year-old Australian actor has become a fan favourite.

His time on the show was limited to 12 weeks, but the show’s producers decided to extend his contract.

But what does Shane do when he’s not shooting for the Australian serial opera? And to whom is he actually wed?

The Daily Star delves deeply into John Palmer’s life outside of Summer Bay in this article.

Shane’s secret co-star wife

Shane’s wife in Home and Away is Marilyn Chambers, but in real life, he is wed to Anne Tenney, a former co-star.

The married couple first came together while portraying the on-screen couple Brendan and Molly Jones on the popular Australian soap opera A Country Practice in the 1980s.

For fear of “cheapening” their love, Shane and Anne made the decision to keep their relationship a secret while filming.

The actor said in a statement to Starts at 60: “We kept it under our hats, no one really knew.

“We didn’t want the press to find out about it. We didn’t want to cheapen our relationship by having a magazine cover that said, “We found love on a soap opera!,” so we kept it a secret for years.

We treasured our relationship more than that, he said, so we have kept it hidden ever since.

In truth, Emily Nicol, who played Shane and Anne’s on-screen daughter, was unaware of their relationship.

She admitted to having a tight relationship with her on-screen parents to New Idea.

“Shane and Anne are the sweetest folks, and most of my scenes were with them and under their supervision,” the actor said.

After her character tragically passed away from leukaemia in 1985—a scene that was seen by almost 2.2 million people—Anne quit the programme.

Shane remarked of his wife’s final scenes: “I would have put a little more effort in if I’d known that the death scene would end up being the highest rated moment in the history of Australian TV, and that I’d still be watching it every year 40 years later. My hair would have been done!

After six years of portraying Brendan, the actor left the role the next year.

Yacht live

Shane is an avid sailor when he’s not working on the Australian serial opera.

The Queensland-born soap star frequently commutes to work aboard his gorgeous 31-foot Beneteau sailing yacht.

The yacht features a large berth below deck in addition to all the necessary sailing equipment.

He stated: “Well, I sail to work – that’s one thing I truly like! ” in an interview with New Idea.

I believe I’m one of the only persons in Australia who can get up in the morning, hop on his small boat, paddle up the bay to work, and sail back in the late afternoon.

The celebrity is renowned for catching a fish on the way home for dinner.

Activist work

Shane has consistently taken part in active heritage activism.

The celebrity was twice nominated for Australian of the Year and won Citizen of the Year for his 15-year campaign to save the Currawong Beach workers’ retreat, which is now a National Historic Landmark.

He first displayed curiosity when he was young.

Shane disclosed: “Heritage advocacy is what I do. Since I was a young lad, I’ve always given great importance to maintaining our historic places and buildings.”

Shane’s other roles

Over the past three decades, Shane has made appearances in some of Australia’s most popular television series.

The actor first gained notoriety when he was cast as Brendan in A Country Practice.

He appeared between 1981 and 1986 on the popular show.

Leading roles in Willing and Able, The Flying Doctors, The Family Business, Roys’ Raiders (BBC Production), Water Rats, David Williamsons’ Dogs Head Bay, and All Saints are among Shane’s other acting credits.

The actor is currently content with his Summer Bay role as John Palmer.

Shane said, “I was invited onto Home and Away for 12 weeks, and I ended up staying 10 years,” when asked about his time on the soap. Therefore, the lesson of the story is: don’t ask me to cook dinner because I won’t! But I didn’t anticipate it being such a protracted and, I must say, incredibly enjoyable run.

Playing John Palmer is like therapy; he’s great. And performing light comedy is what I absolutely adore doing.

Watch Home and Away at 6.30pm on 5STAR.

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