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Home and Away Mali actor gushes over co-star but admits he loves to ‘catch her out’

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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away Mali star Kyle Shilling revealed he is close friends with his on-screen love interest Kirsty Marillier but loves to ‘stitch her up’ on the Aussie set

Kyle Shilling, who stars in Home and Away, spoke about Kirsty Marillier, who portrays Rose Delaney, his on-screen love interest.

The actor made his acting debut as Mali Hudson earlier this year. Since then, their characters have been dating on the Channel 5 soap opera, and they frequently appear together on screen.

Fortunately for the soap opera combo, they have a solid friendship outside of the show, and Kyle admits that working with his co-star is “really great” on set.

He exclusively told Daily Star, “I irritate her so much. “No, but we have a great friendship, and I’ve picked up a lot from her.”

She is a script fanatic; she will analyse the entire script, while I will only have my highlighted. Kyle continued.

She’s absolutely lovely to work with, but occasionally I feel like one of her really obnoxious friends.

The TV personality acknowledged that when Kirsty thinks no one is looking, he seizes the chance to “stitch” her up online.

He laughed, “I love to catch her out on things. “I constantly get my phone and video her if she’s acting foolishly and doesn’t think anyone is watching her.

Later, I’ll post it on my social media and totally screw her over, she said.

Kyle said, gushing about their connection, “But we get along pretty well. It’s great working with her because she’s like a sister and she’s fantastic.

Despite the fact that they resemble siblings, Kirsty still goes all out for their romantic scenes.

Kyle explained: “There was this really funny moment the other day where Kirsty text me and she goes, ‘Hey dude, I thought next scene that we kiss, lets get it really spicy. Maybe you pick me up and drag me into the room’.

“I was like, ‘Yep, no worries’. I showed my mate and was like, ‘This is work talk,” and he was like, ‘I don’t know how you do it’,” the actor laughed.

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